What happened?

To summarize:

  • Our old website was hacked by a hacking group that was engaged by a member who cannot accept their ban
  • All old forum data is lost
  • No information was compromised
  • Create a new account
    • When creating new account, please use a different password from other websites for your security & safety


TLDR:Hello! It’s me, SilverWolv and I would like to address a little on what had happened to our previous website.

So it all begins with the original website having some issues as it was apparently using a nulled version of xenforo. Xenforo is a forum software which hosted our forum services and costs over hundreds of dollars just to purchase.

The issue with the old website was that there were several loopholes in the system allowing people to do things such as cross scripting and sql injection. The old website was originally supposed to be a test website but eventually grew on to become the main website.

Things were going fine until one day a few months ago, some people reported to me that my account had posted a pornography picture with the caption that p*rnhub was our brand new “sponsor”. Nixholas immediately got to the bottom of the issue and found out it was done through cross site scripting – one of the many loop holes in the nullified version of xenforo. Hoping that this will not happen again, I have been looking for alternatives ever since and the decision was made to switch to this software which was free so we weren’t breaking any laws at the same time too. The best part of all was that we would be able to integrate the forums and the official server website together under one website, welcoming new visitors but at the same time, providing a medium for discussion for the community.

So what happened to the old website? As soon as I found out that this could be done a month ago, I was considering switching over. However, that would mean losing all of our content on the old website. During that period of time as well, I had rejected a ban appeal from DreamBoy1 as it did not meet the standards. As a result, he engaged a hacking team to take down the old website. So our entire website database was corrupted and hence the message “An unexpected database error occurred” on the screen when you visit the website. As the old contents were irretrievable, we decided to move on to this system.

We found out it was him as he spammed comments (which have since been deleted for spam) on WolvHaven’s youtube that we had been hacked by a certain hacking group and even posted the steam community link there. Within the steam community was a post stating that they had managed to undermine the entire WolvHaven website. Also, we noticed that they were open to requests for websites to hack.

Is your data compromised? So far, we can assure you that no data – especially passwords have been compromised. However, it is encouraged that you exercise caution and change your password if necessary.

You will have to create a brand new account on this website. Go to forum >> register. Please also note that it is advised that you use a password different from your other accounts. It doesn’t matter if its WolvHaven or not – it is safer to use a different password for different websites.

The features of this forum system are more limited – but the developers of the system are working on new features at the moment so that is something to look forward to.

Welp. Welcome to your new forum. AGAIN.

Special thanks to nixholas who helped to setup the base website <3

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Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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  1. Let me guess, the criminal was sued by the WH Parliament?

    1. SpaceInvader11 April 27, 2017 at 4:21 am

      You can’t really sue on WH…

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