Parliament: Jan 2017 Summary


WolvHaven had it’s first parliament/general assembly session for the new year 2017.  The parliament/general assembly of WolvHaven is a time where WolvHaveners ranked citizen and above can come together and make suggestions to change the server rules and propose new rules to address problems seen within the server.

When the motion is announced, people take turns to share their opinions and debate about the motion and amendments are made to the motion with regards to the points made in the discussion if the proposer is online and agrees to it.

Here is a summary of the points made this session:

Motion Proposed By Points Made In Discussion Result
Whitelist server at all times _ezzo
  • Whitelist server at all times to prevent rowdy players from getting into the server.
  • Whitelisting server will stop server growth and will do no good to the community
  • Inconvenient for new members who intend to join the server
Remove a server from mentionable list spaceInvader11
  • Recent ‘Calais De Royal’ incident saw excessive refugees from another server talking excessively about their server in WolvHaven
  • This is WolvHaven – not some other server; Keep the chat about matters in this server and not other servers.
  • People who visit temporarily should at least show some basic courtesy and respect to the server & the community
  • Doing so only causes a larger rift between both server’s communities
Regulate usage of other server logos on builds Ninjabob1797
  • Due to recent events in ‘Calais De Royal’ involving the influx of players from another server which brought along with them the influence of another server. However, we want to keep WolvHaven WolvHaven – not WolvHaven Some Other Server.
  • Recent build in Gardellia by one of these ‘refugees’ caused uproar within the WolvHaven community which displayed a few 3×3 logos of another server – but none of which was the WolvHaven logo
  • Need to ensure that WolvHaven has their own culture and is not one directly influenced by another. Ensuring our identity is as important as being welcoming to others.
  • There should be a balance. People should be free to build other server logos as long as it is within the mentionable list provided that our logo is used in the build as well in order to suggest that we are not entirely from another server. Therefore, logos should be used in moderation.
  • Usage of other server logos in WolvHaven is disrespectful to WolvHaven. It implies that WolvHaven is being controlled by a foreign server which is not the case.
  • Main issue with using other server logos (excessively) is not that it is advertising – but is rude and disrespectful. WolvHaven is its own unique community. We should regulate not because we mainly feel that it is rude but because it is about respect for the community – and reminding us that we are unique.
  • Putting someone else’s logo is as good as advertising for them which is a bannable offence.
  • Having the logo of another server in WolvHaven is literally like walking into a mcdonalds and handing out burger king vouchers.
Introduce limiations and proceedures for express services Ninjabob1797
  • Rogue drivers like to drive ‘express’ and only stop as they wish, causing derails and accidents making the server look messy and unco-ordinated.
  • Sharp spike in the number of incidents on the manual lines recently, partly due to the ‘tameness’ of the driver’s test. It seems like too many people are passing. Therefore, should look at driver’s test and express services should not be run as it is unrealistic for a metro (with 2 tracks only)
  • Skipping stations not realistic
  • There is already a demerit point system to prevent drivers from committing similar mistakes over and over again.
  • Should tell the trainee that doing express services is/is not allowed during driver training
Give Higher Council veto powers when bringing a new A-Class/Expessway through existing claimed land. Minebuilder1223
  • Higher Council already has such power
  • Already stated in the Gardellia Rules that staff decisions are final.
Ban people who bring drama from other servers into WolvHaven chickenjoshbwak
  • Keep what is WolvHaven within WolvHaven and keep what is outside of WolvHaven outside.
  • There is no ‘entertainment’ value in just banning these people
  • Banning them is pointless as they have done nothing wrong in the server
  • Such ‘drama’ can provide us with ‘insightful’ information on the happenings of another server which can help us prepare for any incoming ‘events’. As long as the drama does not affect the community and draw the community into the heart of it, it should be allowed
  • If you want inside information of another server you should go there. If there was an impending event it would already affect the community, hence the motion
  • The punishment can be a tempban instead of a perm ban
  • A ban is a bit too extreme. We should only take action taken when the drama turns into a full out flame war
Move WolvHaven into Gardellia chickenjoshbwak NIL WITHDRAWN
Automatically unclaim land left after 3 months of inactivity in Gardellia

Amended motion:
Automatically unclaim land left after 3 months of inactivity in Gardellia unless notice of leave is given.

  • We do not want people to hog land in Gardellia
  • The people who claimed land during ‘Calais De Royal’ have claimed land in Gardellia – however we do not even know if they will be returning or not. As a result, there could be dormant cities in Gardellia that take up land which could be better used.
  • What about people with long term study issues? We should have an application system for exceptions for this rule and allow people to keep their towns/cities there for longer than 3 months with the known intention of them returning. At least these people do not claim and hog the land
  • — AMENDMENT MADE TO MOTION: Add clause for exception to this rule unless people state that they will be returning after a period of time —
  • The size of the city and amount of development should also be a factor in this new proposed rule.

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