IMPORTANT: World Resets

As mentioned before, we will be resetting and removing some worlds. In order to facilitate this movement, we will give players at least 1 week to transfer their stuff over to the new resetted worlds. Worldedit will be provided for players transferring builds where required.

Please avoid building/making edits in old Gardellia, Innovate and NewHollow.

We will not be entertaining any late requests. Once the world closes, it is taken off the server for good.

Here is a timeline of how things will go:

Date Event Remarks

5th Jan 2017


Official Announcement of world resets


8th Jan 2017


  • Opening of the following worlds
    • Pangaea (New Hollow Replacement)
    • Laboratory (Innovate Replacement)
  • Opening of old Gardellia world with worldedit permissions (for copying and pasting)

All worlds will be accessible through [WARP] signs in citizen lobby OR existing portals

Players ranked [Citizen] and above may start transferring their items over into the new worlds. They have:
1 Week to transfer builds from Old Gardellia world to the laboratory world
2 Weeks to transfer builds from Old Innovate world to the laboratory world
3 Weeks to transfer items, dismantle buildings and rebuild buildings over to the new Pangaea world.


15th Jan 2017


Termination of the old Gardellia world.


Old gardellia is closed for good.


22nd Jan 2017


Termination of the old Innovate world.


Innovate is closed for good.


29th Jan 2017


Termination of the New Hollow world.


New Hollow is closed for good.

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