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As you may know, WolvHaven has been selecting and appointing its members of staff through the use of elections since 2012.¬†While the election system has been constantly changed and optimized in order to ensure that it works best in WolvHaven’s interests, it has unfortunately reached its maximum potential.

The election system has served us well – it ensured that everyone had a say in the people who they want to moderate and look after the server and enabled the council to have better insights to support decision making. (The results of the election are not always definite – any member of council may call for a vote to reject the outcome of the election)

However, times change – and so must our staff appointment model. Therefore, we will be introducing the Experience Based Learning (EBL) Model. Here’s how it works:

  1. There will be a Staff Performance Review (SPR) every 1-2 months
  2. Council members may nominate any person (candidate) whom they feel is suitable for the position of moderator
  3. The candidate will be subject to an interview on why they think they should be given the staff position
  4. Council members discuss, vote and give their verdict
  5. Upon passing, the candidate will be given a probational period till the next SPR
  6. During the probational period, the candidate’s performance will be monitored by both fellow moderators and council members. The candidate will also have a situational test (SIT) at random without notice.
  7. At the next SPR, should council be satisfied, the candidate will be a moderator till the time he/she gets into probation and fails at the probational period.

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4 Replies to “New staff appointment model”

  1. I like the idea, I somewhat don’t agree with the performance review, the test portion I’m OK with.

    1. Since we will no longer be electing moderators, without the performance review, how do we ensure that staff are doing their staff duties properly?

  2. I know this may be random but can I join the server, if I can I need the port :/

    1. IP is standard normal MC port. MC ver. 1.8.9

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