User Pruning: March 2017 and warnings.


  • A person spammed and uploaded malicious attachments on the forums
  • Remove and scan your computer if you have opened/downloaded any pdf attachment recently
  • All identifiable members added to confirmed members group – all other accounts deleted
  • Use your minecraft username as your username when registering on the forums
  • Use a strong password that is different from the one you use on other websites

We were alerted to a user on the forum spamming attachments ending with .pdf

Please do NOT download any of the content. If you have downloaded or opened any of the attachments, please remove them from your computer and run a security scan on your computer as soon as possible.

We have removed all 50 files from our system and removed the user and his/her posts on the forums

Stay safe on the forums
– Do not reveal your personal information or the personal information of others
– When in doubt, do not open or download any attachments
– Use a strong password for your account that is different from other websites you use

New Measures
We have added all users who we are able to idenfity into the confirmed members group in the forums. This will allow us to quickly sift out any potential spam accounts that do not use weird domains (such as gmail/hotmail) and remove them from the site

Please help to confirm if you have seen any people by the name of
– MrAutomatonMan
– Helmans11
– Silver14Gamer
on the server so that I can add them into the confirmed member group if necessary.

All other accounts that are not in the Confirmed Members group have been deleted. Should your account be deleted, you will have to register again on the forums. Sorry for the inconvenience

When registering on the forums, please use your minecraft account’s username so that we will be able to identify you easier.

Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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