Elytra is here!

Dadadadadadadadaddadadadadadadaddaadadaddada BATMAN!!!

WolvHaven has recently upgraded to MC release version 1.11!

Here are some of the important things to take note:

  1. Due to group manager being unsupported, we have to manually revamp and reallocate everyone to their original rank. As of 26/04/2017, all permissions have been fully restored. Player ranks however, are still in the process of installation! We ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding while we are undertaking these works.
  2. Easyelevators will no longer have a ‘DING’ sound due to a bug within the plugin.
  3. Chestshop plugin has been replaced with shopchest. More information on creating, buying and selling here
  4. Trains no longer derail (Woohoo!) Thunder down that slope if you want! I crashed my train into the bridge – I don’t care! I love it!


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Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

3 Replies to “Elytra is here!”

  1. That’s awesome on how we are finally becoming a “modern” server, no more old 1.8.9 eh?

    1. that’s ageist

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