Extended Server Downtime November 2017

The server is currently experiencing extended downtime due to unforeseen circumstances.

Upon further investigation, the server will remain down until 12 November 2017. Afterwhich we will be migrating to another server which was purchased earlier.

What happened?

TLDR; Currently the server is running on nix’s existing server which was already paid for (but he had no use for it, so WolvHaven is using it). However, this came with a clause where there would be a bandwidth limitation. It was expected that it would be sufficient. However, this was not the case. As a result of a recent DDoS attack, the server reached its bandwidth limitation and as of now, nothing can be done about it until the limit resets on 12 November 2017.

Whats being done about it?

Upon restoration of service on the 12 November 2017, the server will immediately undergo migration process again to migrate to another server which was previously purchased as the original intended server to migrate to. It should be back up and operating regularly by 13 November 2017. Further announcements will be posted should there be a change of plans or any newer updates.

What can I do?

Take a break from minecraft maybe and get some fresh air or play some other steam games.

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Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

3 Replies to “Extended Server Downtime November 2017”

  1. Can’t believe this happened, is there a way we could take protective measures (like a firewall)?

  2. I dont understand… When will it be possible to join again? ( to new server where it migrated or what)

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