New Elevator Plugin

Introducing the new Elevator Plugin!

Hello WolvHaveners! When we upgraded to Minecraft 1.12.1, we included an advisory for members to refrain from using EasyElevator as the plugin was not updated in a long time and could stop working after a certain point of time. We also expressed our interest in finding a potential replacement plugin and we have recently stumbled upon a promising plugin suggestion, sent by telegram from our friends over at Epsilon.

What’s going to happen to EasyElevator?

Before anyone freaks out, we just want to assure you that EasyElevator won’t be going anywhere – at least till it stops working. EasyElevator will continue to coexist with the new Elevator plugin if the trial for Elevator passes.

How do I go about installing these swaggy new elevators?

  1. Create a lift shaft – it can be any material
    • You may use glass panes, iron doors and any type of wooden doors for the door at each floor.
    • Wooden doors remain locked unless the elevator’s cab is at the floor
  2. At the first floor, make the elevator cab’s floor using iron blocks
  3. Place a sign within the elevator and type [Elevator] within the elevator shaft, 2 blocks above the floor of the elevator at each floor.
    (You need not have an iron block floor at every floor, only the first one. The iron block floor will be automatically generated for you upon creation of the elevator sign)


    • You may use the 4th line of the shaft to write a custom floorname
    • Leaving the 4th line of the sign empty defaults to Level <Number> where number is automatically generated
  4. Once done with the elevator sign, create a call sign at each floor, again 2 blocks above the floor. This time, put [call] in the first line of the sign
  5. When all is complete, right click any call sign to call the elevator

Using the new elevator

  1. Call an elevator by right clicking any [Call] sign
  2. The elevator will go to your level
  3. Right click the sign inside the elevator to select your floor. It is indicated in the second line enclosed in brackets (e.g. >Level 3<)
  4. Once selected the floor, simply right click the floor and the elevator will proceed to your selected floor

Maintenance and fixing

Maintenance and fixing the new Elevators is Easier than “Easy”Elevator. Gone are the days of having to rebuild an entire elevator just to add a floor.

To add a new floor inbetween, simply add another [Elevator] and [Call] sign at the floor respectively and you are good to go!

HOWEVER, please be advised…

That we cannot guarantee that this new elevator plugin will be a permanent feature of WolvHaven. Implementation of this new Elevator at the moment is at your own risk in the event the trial fails for whatever reason.

For more information of this plugin, visit the official plugin page

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  1. noice, me and Vincent made some on sandbox!

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