Introducing administrative days

Application & enforcement galore

Gardellia applications, architect applications, helper applications even worldedit permissions applications!? What the fu–

WolvHaven has many different application forms available for players to apply to gain access to specific areas within the server. Many of these applications have varied processing timeframes – leading to messy processing and a lack of the ability to track the processing rate of such applications.

This, in turn, causes an inconsistency in service delivery for application processing due to the confusion. Therefore, all applications will be recategorized into different categories with preset time frames.

Category NameTimeframeApplication(s)
Cat AWithin 2 days of submission– Citizenship
Cat BOnce a week– Gardellia
– Worldedit
Cat COnce a month– Architect Rank
– Train Examinership
– Public Housing
– Helper

In addition, there are many different Regulatory Enforcement Actions (REAs) that need to take place on the server on a regular basis. These are tasks that involve the maintenance of the server – to ensure that everyone complies with regulations and have action taken against them where necessary. These have been categorised into 2 categories.

Category NameTimeframeREA(s)
MonthlyOnce every month– Gardellia Abandoned Claims
– Grief Patrol
QuarterlyOnce every 3 months – Sandbox Cleanup
– Staff Performance Review
– Server General Maintenance

Introducing Administrative Days

Administrative days is being introduced as a common deadline for all tasks such as application processing, REAs, and other practices and will be carried out on the third Saturday of every month.

Quarterly Report (QR) days will fall on the administrative days once every three months. This means that the administrative days for the months of March, June, September and December will be designated as Quarterly Reports.

All quarterly REAs are to be completed by QR days.

Keeping track of Administrative Duties

A google sheets file will be created to track completion of such administrative duties. The status of tasks will be updated in the google sheet as the month goes on.

The sheet will be made public for all to see to reduce enquiries regarding when applications have been processed. All public enquiries into whether applications have been processed or not will be directed to the new administrative tracking file.

The Administrative Tracking file can be found here:

Submit early to avoid disappointment!

Take note! All application submissions within 1 week of the administrative day may not be processed in the same month and might be shifted to be processed the next administrative day.

For example, you are applying for architect and administrative day is 19 January 2019. Ensure your application is in by 12 January 2019 in order for it to be processed by then. Otherwise, it might be processed in February instead.

When is the next Adminsitrative Day?

The next administrative day is:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

You can see a list of all the administrative days here:

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