Transforming WolvHaven

WolvHaven has been around for over 5 years. Since its beginnings as a private minecraft server, it has evolved into something so much more.

Never was it envisioned that a community would develop around this server; and never was it envisioned that it’d get the attention it has today.

Over the years, WolvHaven has developed many different systems for use within the server. Administrative processes change, so does the server experience; introducing new things and retiring some along the way.

This presents us with the challenge of remaining efficient, yet consistent while we provide services for all WolvHaveners.

Introducing Transformation 2020

The Greater WolvHaven Transformation 2020 (GWHT or Transformation 2020) is an organizational transformation program that seeks to review, reform and ratify all aspects of the server by the end of 2020. With the vision of a more consistent, efficient and enjoyable server experience for all.

We’re looking at almost everything related to the server. Immigration, management workflows, member ranks & permissions down to the smallest details.

It is the consolidation of many proposed reforms, suggestions and ideas since the start of 2018.

What will be looked into?

Transformation 2020 will look into all aspects of the server. However, to break it down, it has been categorized into several child transformation programs.

  • Staff
  • Service
  • Web
  • Parliament
  • Workforce
  • Gardellia
  • Server Experience


Staff ranks will be reviewed and have their roles and responsibilities reorganized. In addition, we will be revising the way staff are selected and trained.


The way service is delivered to WolvHaveners will be looked into. This includes revising processes and streamlining workflows to bring about a more efficient system.


We will be looking into improving our website content, to provide better and more information to be found easily; while at the same time decommissioning web services that have fallen out of favor within the community.


Changes to parliament will be coming to help the executive council implement acts of parliament easier.


The architect rank, and its rank holders will be undergoing reviews to ensure the rank is only given to individuals who deserve it. The way architects are appointed will also be subject to review.


Works for Southern Gardellia will be looked at and implemented. In addition, regulation for alliances will be looked into to reduce any drama that is caused by such alliances.


Everything from member ranks, permissions, even the in-game economy will be looked into. Immigration processes and more are some examples of what will be looked into.

How can I contribute?

If you always thought something within the server could be improved on, now is the time! Feel free to contact us by tagging @Admins in Discord.

Expect disruptions ahead

As Transformation 2020 is a large and complex project, members of the community can expect certain disruptions and/or kinks while we revamp or roll out changes. Hence, the patience of everyone is greatly appreciated and we seek your understanding that we are all working towards a better WolvHaven come 2020.

More information about the changes coming as part of Transformation 2020 will be released in the near future, stay tuned!

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The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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