Architect Rank Reform

Since its introduction in 2012, the Architect rank has been the primary aspect of the server to recognize the talents of individuals with good or exceptional building skills. As time goes on however, administration and management for the rank and its holders have gone haywire.

Informal schemes introduced along the way without proper documentation such as the temporary architect scheme have caused dissatisfaction among current architects and have also led to some cases where temporary holders of the rank abused its powers to work on their own projects instead of the projects that were assigned to them.

Hence, reforms to the architect rank are needed and will be coming soon as part of Transformation 2020.

Criteria for architects to be revised

The current criteria for architects are to be revised in order to ensure that members who receive the architect rank are fully qualified to be able to handle its features safely.

The new criteria is as follows:

  • At least 1 month of Citizenship (or PR, in the future)
  • Build quality reviewed and judged, and majority approved by independent architect committee
  • Have no active warnings at time of application
  • Have Basic WorldEdit Qualification

You may be wondering – what on earth is WorldEdit Qualification?

Basically – the Gardellia WorldEdit application will be converted into a qualification test. Think of it as an exam that you take in order to get a certification/qualification.

We have also compiled and recorded everyone’s past results since the start of the Gardellian WorldEdit – so you won’t have to retake the test if you’ve already passed it.

As long as you are able to pass the Gardellia WorldEdit application test (or have already passed it), you are good to go.

Review of existing architects

A review of existing architects will be ordered and will be a cleanup of already existing architect holders within the server.

The architect rank is given for those who are talented at building and wish to make a contribution to the server – such as development in Fifth Haven or the construction or Gardellian Infrastructure. Those who fail to do so – or intend to keep the rank as a status symbol should not be holding the rank at all.

Hence, all existing architects will undergo a review and will be dismissed from their positions if found to be:-

  • Inactive on the server
  • Holding the rank but not making (or intending to make) any contributions to the server/community
  • Having a “How did this guy even get approved” build standard

All affected rank holders will be notified through Discord #notifications or in-game mail so that they may appeal/submit a new application to retain their architect rank. A grace period of 1 month will be given for said actions to be completed.

In addition, Architects will be subjected to regular reviews to dismiss or place on probation architects are no longer contributing or active on the server.

Termination of Temporary Architect

The Temporary Architect Scheme – introduced as a way to allow members to build or contribute to the city specifically will be terminated and replaced with a new rank called “Builder”.

Builders will only be able to use Architect Privileges in the Fifth Haven world and will not have access to build within the Fourth Haven world. This was decided after numerous long-term temporary architect holders were found to have abused the rank to work on or start their own projects without authorization.

Most temporary architects will be shifted to builder – with the exception of inactive temporary architects in which their rank will be completely stripped off.

All temporary architects would have received a Discord notification by now notifying them to re-apply if they wish to upgrade to permanent architect status.

Harsher stance on abuse

Architects found breaching the Architect code of conduct will be dealt with harshly – including but not limited to dismissal from the rank or even blacklisted from reapplying for a certain period of time

Recognising other talents

Since the introduction of the Independent Architect Committee in 2016, most architect applications have been mainly reviewed based on the looks and quality of the build itself.

This in turn creates an inherent bias against individuals who specialize in other fields such as Redstone contraptions. Hence, we will be working to fix this with the introduction of a new rank.

New Engineer Rank

The Engineer rank will be the new categorization for members who are good in redstone contraptions. The application process will be separated from the existing architect application process and a new Independent Engineer Committee will be setup to review applications for the Engineer rank.

As of now, there are no planned differences in permissions between Engineer and Architect ranks this may change in the future.

The current criteria for the engineer rank is as follows:-

  • At least 1 month of Citizenship (or PR, in the future)
  • Build a functional Redstone Contraption in the server and have it assessed and approved by the Committee
  • Have no active warnings at time of application
  • Have Basic WorldEdit Qualification

You may apply for the engineer rank here

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