Heads Galore!

The custom head – an amazing way to add more details to your builds. However, we all know the pain of getting them. Requesting for an admin to place down a command block and then copy pasting a give command is tedious and rather inconvenient.

That’s why we’ve implemented a new plugin called HeadsInventory! The plugin allows you to easily get heads for use within the server from popular minecraft head websites such as freshcoal, mineskin and minecraft-heads!

Note: Minecraft-heads linkage is currently broken. The plugin developer is working on a fix for this. But most essential blocks are available from freshcoal.


You can access these commands as long as you are a citizen or above!

/headsinv cat: Opens the category UI.
/headsinv category <name>: Display heads from a category.
/headsinv category all: Displays all heads from categories.
/headsinv search <searchterm>: Search for heads in the FreshCoal heads database.
/headsinv msearch <searchterm>: Search for heads in the MineSkin heads database.
/headsinv mhsearch <searchterm>: Search for heads in the Minecraft-heads heads database.
/headsinv getfirst <searchterm>: Get the first search result that you would have gotten with /headsinv search
/headsinv mgetfirst <searchterm>: Get the first search result that you would have gotten with /headsinv msearch
/playerhead <playername>: Gives you the head of a player
/myhead: Gives you your head

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