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The WolvHaven Forums – originally created to be the central hub for discussion has served its purpose well. The forums bonded the community through conversations and discussions that were posted there. However, like all things, it eventually must come to an end.

Since the introduction of the WolvHaven Discord on the 23 January 2016, the function of the forums has been practically replaced with discord. Usage of the forums is at an all time low and there has not been any sign of its usage increasing ever since. Hence, we are taking the decision to terminate the forums.

We asked you guys in a poll earlier this year to gather any concerns which you may have regarding the termination of the forums – and whether you even wanted the forums to be terminated. These were the results.

Usage of forums – our findings

How often do WolvHaveners use the forums?
How many WolvHaveners have a forum account?
What do WolvHaveners use the forums for?

As we can see from this chart, not many WolvHaveners use the forums more than once a week. In addition, a significant number of WolvHaveners do not even have a forum account to start with.

The usage of the forums as can be seen also indicates that many do not use the forums for anything at all apart from Metro Examiner Applications and Ban Appeals/Reports or proposals. While General Discussion received a lot of responses, it is worth noting that there has been close to no general discussion at all being done on the forums.

Where do I post applications and/or ban appeals?

Many of you have also stated that the forums should stay and many of you have also said that they should go. The main concern found among those who want to keep the forums is “Where will we post ban appeals and/or applications?”

The answer to that – Email or google forms. All ban appeals, examiner applications and parliament submissions will now be done via google forms. In fact, Metro Examiner Applications are already processed via google forms.

Termination of forums

We aim to remove the forums by End March 2019. When the termination of forums comes, we will be deleting all of the forum content and data.

Meanwhile, we will also be working on updating information and revamping the WolvHaven website to make information more easily accessible as part of Transformation 2020.

Sayonara, forums!

Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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