1.13 Public Testing

Hello! Following our previous review of a 1.13 update in December 2018, things have recently been looking up – many of the plugins since then have been updated and we have begun testing.

Some of you may have noticed a new discord channel called “Test-Server” pop up in discord – and as many of you observant people have noted, yes it is our 1.13 test server.

Open for public testing

Testing on the server had been closed off to the public for approximately two to three days to ensure that the server itself is in operable condition.

Now that we have ascertained that it is indeed in operable condition, we are pleased to announce that the 1.13 test server is now open for public testing.

We would like to invite the community to come forth and help us do some testing on the server.

Please help us to find, and report bugs!

In the event you come across a bug or if something does not seem right, please kindly report it in the #113-report discord channel.

However, please do check to see if someone else has already reported the same bug or issue. (Please see the known issues at the bottom of this blog post)

Please take note:

  • The 1.13 test server is “READ ONLY”
    Changes made to the 1.13 test server will not be saved onto the existing main 1.12 server.
  • The same rules apply.
    Griefing, Advertising etc. without prior authorization from staff is not allowed and standard penalties will apply.

Test server details:

IP: play.wolvhaven.net:25566
Server Dynmap: play.wolvhaven.net:8124
DiscordSRV Channel: #test-server

When is WolvHaven Upgrading to 1.13?

As with every single server upgrade, WolvHaven categorizes the feasibility to update into 3 categories. The status of the upgrade may change over time; depending on the issues found from public testing.

  • Inoperable
    This means that several critical bugs and/or issues that would majorly affect the server are present. Examples of situations that would classify as such are:
    • Permissions not working
    • Serious exploits found
    • World generation/loading errors
  • Sustainable
    This means that the server can operate as it is, taking into consideration several minor bugs and/or issues that only affect minute aspects of gameplay. Examples of such issues are:
    • Elevators working – but iron doors being replaced with glass panes
  • Operationally Ready
    This means that the server is good to go and that remaining bugs and/or issues can be ignored as they do not really affect much on the server.

We will only update the server if it is deemed to be in a sustainable or operationally ready standard. While it remains our goal to upgrade when the server is only deemed operationally ready, consideration may also be given if reaching operationally ready status would be impossible – where the server will be updated if deemed in a sustainable status.

We will never update the server if it is deemed in an inoperable status.

Current Status: Sustainable

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

Known Issues

Keep track of testing here:

  • Category: PSA

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