Introducing train throttle

Trainthrottle is a new mode of train control for manually operated trains on the WolvHaven server.

Unlike previous methods of train driving, the train operator applies power/brakes to the train instead of directly setting the train speed – allowing for a more realistic, fun and challenging experience.

Train throttle was originally conceptualized in 2017 but initial attempts to turn it into reality failed. Special thanks to mopsistudios for spearheading the project & seeing it to fruition.

Usage & Commands

Enabling train throttle

  • Spawn a train
  • Claim the train
  • /throttle enable

Disabling train throttle

  • /throttle disable

Throttle Controls

  • Lime Wool – Increase power / decrease brake
  • Red Wool – Decrease power / increase brake
  • Yellow Wool – Reset throttle to neutral
  • Orange Wool – Set train speed to 0.4
  • Gray Wool – Relaunch train. Only use if your train screws up

Change control order preferences

  • /train preferences hotbarorder <true/false>
    True: Green-Red-Yellow-Orange-Grey
    False: Green-Yellow-Red-Orange-Grey

For more info on Standard Operating Procedures etc, please watch the video.

Burning Questions

What will happen to the original method of train control?

The original methods will still remain as the primary mode of operation. Exams & tests conducted for train examinership etc. will remain under the original method.

Will it become mandatory for drivers to use throttle in the future?

As of now, there are no plans to mandate train throttle as the only method of train control. As train throttle brings a more realistic experience, more driver practice may be required. Train throttle is seen as an advanced method of train control and will remain optional for use as of now.

What if my inventory is not restored after I disable my throttle?

Rarely an error might occur and your previous inventory is not restored when disabling your throttle. If such an error occurs, please immediately contact Staff on our discord and include what time you roughly enabled your throttle. Please note we can only restore your inventory when you are currently online.

What if I accidentally speed/overrun using train throttle?

General demerits will still apply. However, as operators will take time to get used to it, all infractions of speed codes etc. done unintentionally will not be considered for the first until May.

You are only advised to use train throttle if you have a stable internet connection and operate the trains at a slower speed if it is your first try.

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