Introducing Staff Departments

We introduced Administrative Days at the beginning of the year to streamline processes and ensure that applications do not get left out by tracking the progress and completion of all server administrative tasks.

The effectiveness of this change can be seen in the large decrease in the number of complaints made relating to the timeliness of the processing of the applications.

Regulatory Enforcement Action such as the Gardellia Abandoned Claims is also being carried out on a more regular basis – a major improvement over the previous arrangement where enforcement action was sporadically taken.

New staff departments

Recently, we have made changes to the administrative days and task processing where Staff Departments were introduced. Under the new arrangement, application and administrative task processing have been re-categorized to Staff Departments.

Staff within each department are expected to cover for or assist another member of staff should they be unable to complete or finish the task which they are primarily in charge of.

Discord roles for each department have also been created so that you may directly contact the relevant department for quicker assistance instead of having to mention each member of staff from the department.

The following staff departments are:

  • Qualifications Department – Handles everything regarding applications for ranks like Architect, Engineer and Worldedit Qualification
  • Gardellia Department – Handles Gardellia related matters like Build Rights Applications, Promotions and Abandoned Claims enforcement
  • Properties Department – Handles all property related matters in the city like public housing, setting up regions for players and sandbox cleanup

For more information on Staff Departments and their members of staff, visit the staff page departments tab

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