July 2019 General Elections

Election Result

Voter Turnout: 85
Spoilt Votes: 2
Valid Votes: 83


Your elected MPs for the 11th Parliament


Important Dates

Date & Time (All in UTC +-0)Event
22 June 2019 2PMFinal Parliament Session of 10th Parliament
06 July 2019 2PMParty registration of interest closes
11 July 2019 4PMCooldown Period Begins
Postal Voting Opens
12 July 2019 4PMPolls Open
14 July 2019 4PMPolls Close
Postal Voting Closes
27 July 2019 2PMState Opening of 11th Parliament

Election Information

Voting System: Mixed Member Proportionate
Polling Station(s): City Hall (4th Haven)
Polling Period: 12-14 July 2019 (11-14 July 2019 Postal Vote)
Postal Voting: 11-14 July 2019
Cooldown Period: 11 July 2019 to Closing of Voting

Registered Parties for Election:

Party CodeParty Name
CENThe Centre Party
FWHForward WolvHaven
NODNational Organisation for Democracy
PFPParty for People
WAPWolvHaven Architect Party

Postal Vote Information:

  • You may postal vote if you are unable to vote due to
    • No internet connection/computer unavailable (use mobile data to send in postal vote)
    • Are Hospitalized
    • On Holiday
    • Have pre-arranged event on polling period
  • Direct Message SilverWolv#3476 with the following details:
    • Username
    • Reason for being unable to vote in person
    • Party Code of the party you are intending to vote for
  • If you join the server during the polling period, you must vote in person and your postal vote will be voided.

For parties intending to contest

  1. Please state your interest and have the following ready by 6 July:
    • Party details
    • Party wiki page
    • Party manifesto
  2. Register your party’s interest using the party registration form
  3. All parties with existing elected seats must also register their interest
  4. Parties that are running together must have the same list of candidates in order of preference to enter parliament as agreed by all parties on all their wiki pages.

Campaign Regulations

There are no limits on campaigning periods. Once registered, your party may immediately begin campaigning till the cooldown period.

During cool down period, no campaigning is to be allowed for any party.

Election Promotional Media Content

Parties wishing to publish promotional media content such as video or rallies may do so upon request.

General Elections Debate there will be no official General Election Debate for this election.

Party Political Broadcasts not exceeding 5 minutes may be published in the WolvHaven Youtube channel on behalf of any campaigning party.

Live Rallies/Event Recording may also be done at the request for each party – subject to the availability of SilverWolv.

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