Register your Gardellia claim by August

Under the Gardellia Claim Registry Act, 2019 all Gardellian claim holders must register their claims using the Claim Registry Form. This includes deregistering/abandoning claims, ensuring accuracy in record keeping.

In addition, Gardellians will now be able to apply for exemption from having their claims being deemed abandoned using the form. This is being done to improve the workflow of the Gardellia Enforcement team.

Register your Gardellia claim by end August 2019.

If you currently own a claim in Gardellia, please register your claim in gardellia by 31 August 2019. Follow the procedure listed below to register your existing claim.

If you do not register your existing claim, your claim will be deemed abandoned and may be removed at the discretion of the Gardellia Enforcement team.

  1. Open the Claim Registry Form, enter your username and contact details (contact details are optional).
  2. Under “What is your request?”, please select “Register an existing claim”. This will lead you to the next section.
  3. Fill all out all the information listed.
    1. Select YES for the “Do you want to keep your claim” to keep your claim
    2. If you are deregistering/abandoning your claim, please select NO for the question “Do you want to keep your claim”. Your claim will be removed and regenerated.
  4. Once you have filled out all your information, please submit the form.
  5. If you provided discord contact details, we will notify you once your request has been processed (requests are processed every weekend).

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