Screenshot Contest – June 2019


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  • You cannot vote for your own submission
  • The voting order of screenshots does not matter
    (i.e. 1st/2nd/3rd choice carry the same weight)

Take out your camera (or F2 key) and get snappin’! Apart from applying for Citizenship, your top screenshots or photographs are wanted this summer!

To celebrate Wolvhaven’s architectural and creative diversity, we’re holding a screenshot contest in a bid to showcase some the community’s creative works.

Hypebeast or not, get creative and share new perspectives through your photos. Get your mates to act or model in your screenshot or add a little element of surprise into it.


  • Maximum of 3 submissions per player – but only one prize per player
    (i.e. if 2 of your screenshots win 2nd and 3rd place, you’ll only get 2nd place prize, and 3rd place goes to next winner)
  • You can use any shader/resource packs
  • You can make edits to the photos
  • 2 weeks to get snappin’
  • 1 week of public voting
  • Top 3 prizes – 10k, 5k, 2.5k respectively. 3 honorable mentions of 1k each.


9/6/2019 – Submissions opened
29/6/2019 – Submissions closed
29/6/2019 – Voting is opened
6/7/2019 – The winners are announced

How to participate

Use the Submissions form to submit your screenshots to the competition. Once voting has started, you may use the Voting Options Document to review your voting options. Then you can enter your three top choices into the Voting Form.


Do I need to participate to vote?
No. Any citizen may vote for screenshots regardless of whether they submitted a screenshot themselves.

Can I submit a screenshot of something I did not build?
Yes! You can submit a screenshot of anything within the WolvHaven server – Sandbox, Pangaea, Gardellia or even the City itself.

Can I make more than one submission?
Yes! You can submit a total of 3 screenshots.

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