Summer Lineup 2019

CUE THE SUMMER SAMBA! Summer is almost here, meaning its time to get outside, soak in some sun, get some Vitamin D and have an amazing beachside BBQ stay indoors and play minecraft!

The Staff Team is planning a lineup of events for the community from end June till the start of September 2019 and to get you into the mood, we also have a lineup of pre-summer activities just for you!

So sit back, grab some koolaid and check out the events we are planning to hold to spice your summer up in 2019.

Screenshot Contest

Take out your camera (or F2 key) and get snappin’! Apart from applying for Citizenship, your top screenshots or photographs are wanted!

Hypebeast or not, get creative and share new perspectives through your photos. Get your mates to act or model in your screenshot or add a little element of surprise into it.

Take part in the screenshot contest now! Click this link for more info!

Gameshow marathon

WolvHaven will be hosting its first ever Game Show Marathon! Have an amazing time with fellow WolvHaveners with a chance to win great prizes! The games hosted will be Press Your Luck, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Match Game!

Sign Up to play now!

Game Info, schedules & how to play:

Paintball Xtravaganza

Paintball has made its return to the server! While the hype for it has died down over the past few months, we’re opening up the opportunity for the community to contribute new arenas before having a paintball showdown to bring everyone together for some fun.

More information on contributions will be coming soon!

Summer Buildoffs

We will be organizing build offs with lots of prizes and consisting of themes that have a twist in them! Regardless of your existing building skills, we sure will have a challenge for you in several of the build off events! Watch this space for details.

Spleefing my way downtown

Who cannot forget the good old Minecraft classic – spleef! We’re planning to have spleef event(s) within the WolvHaven City stadium. Watch this space for details.

Host your own event!

We also love supporting player-hosted events! Simply drop the @admins a message and we can help add your event to the WolvHaven website and/or publish announcements to help promote your event!

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