New restrictions on Dynmap Hide

In accordance with the Dynmap (Hidden View) Act, 2019, usage of the Dynamic Map Hide command (/dynmap hide) shall no longer be permitted when the act is ratified with effect 1 August 2019.

Any player who, without authorization from Staff remains hidden from view in Dynamic Map shall be liable for an offense under WolvHaven Statutes II/D/21 (Utilising exploit for personal gain or malicious intent).

The minimum penalty is 2 official warnings.

What do I need to do?

Ensure that you are not hidden from the view of Dynmap. Run the Dynamic Map Show (/dynmap show) command to ensure you are visible.

Why the need to restrict Dynmap Hide?

Restricting the usage of the Dynmap Hide functionality is done in the interests of server security.

Speaking in Parliament, Prime Minister & Home Secretary Mopsistudios said that usage of Dynmap Hide is a privilege required only by members of Staff and not that of regular server members. He also said that the usage of the feature was not realistically required unless a malicious intent was present.

Privacy & harassment concerns

Members may request Staff Members to hide them from Dynamic Map if their location on the Dynamic Map is being used by other members for stalking or harassment purposes.

Requests are subject to the discretion of Staff.

Usage of Dynmap Hide for in-game events

Some members of the community have raised concerns with regards to the restrictions limiting in-game events such as hide-and-seek which would normally require the usage of the Dynmap Hide feature.

The server rules are not responsible for ensuring the adherence of event rules by its participants. Trust between players should be developed during the organization of such events.

Alternatively, participants may disable the player location layer within the Dynamic Map to hide all player locations.

Preparation for Implementation

In preparation for implementation, server players may no longer access the Dynamic Map Hide feature or command with the exception of members of Staff ranked Helper and higher.

All members will continue to have access to the Dynamic Map Show command to override any preexisting hide settings.

All members shall be visible on dynmap with effect 1 August 2019.

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