Paintball Xtravaganza Summer 2019

Paintball has made its return to the server! While the hype for it has died down over the past few months, we’re opening up the opportunity for the community to contribute new arenas before having a paintball showdown to bring everyone together for some fun.

How do I contribute an arena?

Contributing an arena is simple! All you need to do is build your arena in either Laboratory or the Sandbox.

Then ping SilverWolv and Mopsistudios in Discord #helpop with the coordinates to your proposed arena for review!

Arena guidelines

Arenas should be designed with the following in mind:

  • Fair Gameplay – No part of the map should give any team an advantage over another
  • Bordered Up – A wall should surround the arena to define its area
  • Proper spawn points – Proper spawn points for teams in the arenas

Please also…

  • Make it fun – Nobody wants a one-dimensional arena
  • Collaborate with others – collaborate with people to build one heck of an arena!

When can I submit arenas until?

We’re hoping to have submissions for arenas close on the 24 August 2019 and have an awesome paintball match together on 31 August / 1 September 2019!

Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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