Discord QR Code Exploit – Protect your account

Discord has recently introduced QR Code logins, which allow you to sign into Discord through the scanning of a QR Code on your mobile app.

There have been reports of people sending QR Codes to others claiming to gain free nitro and/or discord prizes.

DO NOT scan the QR code or agree to the prompt which appears upon scanning the QR Code on your mobile as it grants the perpetrator access to your account – not to claim the “prize” or “reward”

Gifts/Rewards should only be claimed through the clicking/tapping of a button which Discord’s app generates when someone sends you said Gift/Reward

Report Suspicious Activity

If you notice any person sending a QR Code for the purpose of “redeeming nitro/prizes” or similar in this Discord, alert staff immediately by tagging @Staff in #helpop

Everyone has a part to play to keep WolvHaven safe & secure.

Your cooperation & involvement matters. Thank you.

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Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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