Server leadership changes 2020

Hello! SilverWolv here. Since the inception of the WolvHaven server in 2011, I have mainly been in charge of overseeing the overall running and managing of the server.

However, all things will come to an end, and I will be moving off to doing my studies in University soon and will no longer be as active as I was last time. As such, I have entrusted several individuals with the responsibility to keep WolvHaven operational well into the future.

Who are the new head-honchos?

Since 1 August 2020, two of the staff’s existing admins have been entrusted and given the power to make overall decisions concerning the server. A new rank has been created for these two staff members – namely the PSO(OPS) and PSO(PC).

PSO stands for Principal Staff Officer, by the way.

PSO(PC) – essentially the community manager

Jotch is now officially the server’s PSO for Policy and Community. His role is essentially the community manager and will be in charge of overseeing, identifying, and addressing any issues or disputes within the community in general.

PSO(OPS) – essentially the backend operations manager

Mopsistudios, on the other hand, is now the server’s PSO for Operations. His role is to oversee and look into the server’s administrative processes; such as application processing and regulatory enforcement.

DevCom – essentially the server’s technical manager

Nixholas has been appointed as the server’s new development commissioner. He will be in charge in overseeing the server’s technical aspects such as uptime and upkeep of plugins together with his appointed team of server devs.

What happens next?

Both Jotch and Mopsistudios were identified to take over the role as both of them have great strengths in different fields. Hence, it was decided to split up the role between the two of them.

Both Jotch and Mopsistudios will now hold the ability to make final decisions for the server, and also change the way new staff members are appointed, and decide the appointment of new staff members.

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