Changes to the WolvHaven Political System

Since the beginning of the current political system in WolvHaven in 2017, several issues have arisen. Following discussions with members of staff, and after conducting a review, several key changes will be coming to the server’s political system.

Why the need for change?

Several issues were identified over the past two elections, namely:

  • Confusion over authority
  • Community unity strained
  • Lack of authority/power
  • Concerns over conflict of interest

Changes were made to the election system in an attempt to address the issues at hand in the May 2020 General Election. However, it has become evident that more radical change will be needed to tackle all the problems at hand.

Confusion over authority

Under the current system, as it stands, elected members of parliament are unable to manage the execution of the changes they propose. There is also a lot of confusion, and the chain of authority is entangled.

Regular citizens are also unsure who to approach with regards to certain issues, making it confusing for everyone.

Community unity strained

While it is heartening to see individuals who care about the server, opinions and strong feelings on what they perceive as best for the server has strained the unity of the community.

Lack of authority/power

Most of the elected MPs currently do not have any authority to effect the change they propose

Concerns over conflict of interest

Doubts have arisen regaridng Staff’s ability to moderate and participate in debate impartially. This erodes the confidence in members of staff.

The key changes

  • Staff will no longer be allowed to run for or stand in elections for positions in the House of Representatives
  • Clearer seperation of powers between the executive and legislature
  • Staff will make up the executive
  • The legislature will continue to be made of two houses
    • House of Representatives will be made entirely of non-staffers, and represent the community’s interests
    • The Senate will be made entirely of staff, and members selected by the President for their expertise to represent server management’s interests

How the system will look overall

The following flowchart depicts how the new system will work

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