Migrating to a new Wiki

Since its introduction in 2014, the WolvHaven wiki has been hosted using a free third party hosting service, known as shoutwiki. While we thank them for providing the service to us, the needs of the community have outgrown what they can offer.

WolvHaven needs a wiki that can be changed, modified, and configured to our needs fast, and to be able to manage wiki editing rights and user accounts in a responsible manner.

Hosting our own wiki has always been a problem; as we are limited by the amount of funding.

Due to the management of the wiki being outsourced, we were often limited by the service which they can provide, which is frustrating for our members.

Time for a new, clean slate

The wiki has also gotten very messy, with spam accounts and edits having been made on the wiki which cannot be erased. As such, we will be performing a manual migration, cherry-picking content worth migrating, so that we can have a much more organized and clean wiki.

Special Thanks

We would like to extend our gratitude to Nixholas for offering to host the server using a home-built PC. This grants us the flexibility to offer better, higher quality services, in an economical manner.

Our goals for the new Wiki

Organised – Content in the wiki should be organised in a manner such that content is easy to find

Relevance – Separate fact from fiction. We acknowledge that players may want to introduce ‘lores’ or backstories to certain articles they want to create. We want to devise a plan to allow people to mark sections that are fictitious, and actual events on the server

Involvement – Our wiki should be a place for our community; by our community. With the termination of past services such as the forums, we recognize we need a better platform apart from just our Discord for the community to be involved.

The Wiki’s new Management

Management of the Wiki will come under the Ministry for Culture & Foreign Affairs (MCFA). (Refer to wolvhaven/gov for more of MCFA)

The new Wiki Custodian Team

The Wiki Custodian Team will be directly managed under MCFA, which will comprise ordinary WolvHaveners in addition to staff who are interested in maintaining, and promoting the development of the wiki. Staff will also be around to manage the wiki.

When will the wiki be migrated, and how?

This is the plan as of now:

  1. Initial setup of the Wiki on our server
  2. Wiki Custodian Team will receive their new wiki accounts
  3. Wiki Custodian Team will import essential templates and files if necessary
  4. WolvHaveners will be allowed to get their new wiki accounts
  5. WolvHaveners will self-migrate content over to the new Wiki

Join the conversation over at #wiki-migration in discord

Posted by SilverWolv

The owner of the WolvHaven server.

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