Vision 2023: Proposed Changes to Architect & Engineer Rank

With the recent announcement of Vision 2023, WolvHaven is transitioning to a creative focused server.

One of the many goals we set out in the plan was to formalize the Builder Rank and make changes to the existing Architect & Engineer rank structure.

Thus, the new proposed rank structure will be as follows:

Key Changes:

  1. Citizen will be a pre-requisite for consideration for builder
  2. Level of entry for [Builder] will continue to be maintained with a minimum requirement of WorldEdit qualifications; with the rank being given out as and when members express interest in contributing to 5H.
  3. [Builder] to be a pre-requisite for consideration for [Architect] and [Engineer]
  4. [Architect] and [Engineer] will continue to be applied for, but application content of contributions or builds within the WolvHaven server will only be considered. Applications with contributions to official public infrastructure (e.g. 5th Haven or Gardellia/Calidian public infrastructure) will be favored more.
  5. A one-time audit will be done of existing Architects & Engineers and non-contributors will have their rank revoked
  6. The [Engineer] rank will be redefined

Why the Changes:


There have been multiple calls for something to be done about individuals who hold the rank and did not contribute at all, defeating the purpose of the rank.

Perceived Unfairness

Certain groups have feedbacked that it was not fair that members who just joined the server could immediately jump the ranks up to Architect just because of their building skills or contributions outside of the server.

New Definition for the [Engineer] rank

We admit that we have strayed away from the original intentions of the Engineer rank. Thus the new definitions for the ranks are as follows:

  • [Architect] will be awarded to players who specialize in creating nice builds that are sufficiently detailed and are of quality
  • [Engineer] will be awarded to players who specialize in construction of infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, roads, or railways that are sufficiently detailed and are of quality or have exceptional redstone skills or capabilities

Changes to the [Architect] & [Engineer] Committee

Many have also feedbacked about the lack of transparency for the Architect & Engineer Committee.

When the changes are made, we will:

  • Merge both committees into one
  • Make public the membership list of both committees
  • Add a requirement that all decisions made by committee members in favor or against one’s candidacy must be backed with reasonings or constructive feedback
  • The reasonings must be published for all to see

This format will allow the community to hold the committee to greater accountability, and also give members peace of mind that their applications are being dealt with in an objective and fairer manner.

Let us know your thoughts

Let us know your thoughts in #experience-reform discord channel or the r/wolvhaven subreddit post

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