Create to Fascinate — A creative city-building world for those that seek limitless possibilities.


What is Calidia?

Calidia is a creative world with a primary focus on city/town building

How do I get to Calidia?

You need to be ranked [PR] and above to get access to the Calidia world. You may access Calidia by doing /spawn going to the Calidia Portal in the spawn hub.

How do I get started?

In order to build in Calidia, you need to apply for build rights in the world. Please read and understand the rules regarding Calidia and apply.

Can I get WorldEdit?

You may get worldedits by asking an Admin or someone with WorldEdit permissions to perform the worldedit for you. Make sure you ask nicely!

If you have a basic understanding of WorldEdit and wish to be able to perform worldedits yourself, please take the WorldEdit Qualification Test and you will be given WorldEdit permissions within Calidia.