Register your Gardellia claim by August

Under the Gardellia Claim Registry Act, 2019 all Gardellian claim holders must register their claims using the Claim Registry Form. This includes deregistering/abandoning claims, ensuring accuracy in record keeping.

In addition, Gardellians will now be able to apply for exemption from having their claims being deemed abandoned using the form. This is being done to improve the workflow of the Gardellia Enforcement team.

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Second claims for Gardellians

From 2 January 2018, all Gardellians will be entitled to having a second claim.

To Summarize:

  • You must have an existing claim that is over 250m in radius from the city centre
  • You can only have 1 mainline station claim, but are allowed to have 2 that are out of reach of the gardellia station claim
  • Be considerate – make your second claims architecturally different; not make carbon copies of cities
  • Remember to follow the Gardellia claiming rules

Gardellia is now open!

Hello everyone! Gardellia is now open to the public!

What is Gardellia?

Gardellia is a world with a rail and road network where people can claim areas and build the own towns, cities and settlements – to any style they like as long as it complies with our rules.

Sweet! So how do I get to Gardellia?

You need to be ranked [Citizen] and above to get access to the Gardellia world. Citizens can access gardellia by using /spawn and going through the right most lava portal in the spawn lobby.

I’m in Gardellia. But I cannot build. Help!

All players who wish to build in Gardellia have to go through an application process. This is an added layer of security to ensure that people understand the rules before building in Gardellia. We do this with the aim of protecting people’s towns and cities and keeping rule breakers out as much as possible.

You may apply using this link:

What are the rules for Gardellia?

You may view the rules to Gardellia on the rules page. However, for your convenience, its included below.

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Can I get worldedit?

You may get worldedits by asking an admin and above to perform the worldedit for you or ask anyone with worldedit access to perform the worldedit for you.

You may apply for worldedit permisisons here:

Please take note of the following:

  • The Gardellia rail network is not officially complete yet, please stay out of the southern side of the map to avoid any conflicts with the future southern phase 2 of the rail network. However, if you insist, please contact a member of staff for advisories on the locations of the future railway.

That will be all. Happy building! 🙂

Gardellia Is Coming!

Gardellia is set to open this Christmas (25th December 2016)! The long awaited world which has been plagued with several problems is now almost ready for the public!

Please take note of the following:

  1. To gain build rights in Gardellia, please apply here
    You still have to apply even if you were a builder in the original gardellia or have helped out with new gardellia
  2. Please refrain from building in the SOUTHERN side of the map. The gardellia mainlines do not serve this area yet and we wish to avoid conflict when we construct the mainlines to this area.
  3. The rules and regulations regarding Gardellia can be found here