Fifth Haven is coming. Soon. ish.

A new version of the FifthHavenPreview is now running!

This new preview of the world includes the entire world. (With trees!) You may visit the world by taking the plane at gate C5 as usual and provide feedback on the terrain etc. in #fifth-haven (on WolvHaven’s Discord Channel)

The dynmap has been rendered you may access it by using the scroll arrow button from the world selection sidebar

The plan for fifth haven

  • 10-15 June – The FifthHavenPreview world will be replaced regularly responding to general comments from the public about the terrain etc.
  • 16-22 June – Experimentation week (Architects are invited to build random things and experiment techniques to get accustomed to building in the new world)
  • 23 June – Expected groundbreaking of FifthHaven; official detailed planning and building begins

Migration fo fith haven

Fifth Haven will not be ready anytime soon. The earliest we can expect or hope for is 2019. As such, there is no need to be alarmed.

Advanced notifications, explainers and videos regarding the migration and switchover to the new world will be released at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the migration period.

The migration window period is expected to last for approximately 2-3 months to give everyone ample time to migrate.

What will happen to fourth haven?

Fourth Haven will be decommissioned at the end of the migration period. There are no plans to release the world to the public as of yet. Future developments regarding this issue will be released if any.

Join the discussion in #fifth-haven! Your opinion is valued as we ensure we get the next generation world of WolvHaven right.

Island layout released

The island layout has officially been released. Provided is the official black and white image with an accurate scale of the future fifth haven map.

We are now looking into zoning and determining of locations of major infrastructure projects. Some of these include:

  • Sea Port
  • Airport
  • Districts