February Moderator Elections

UPDATE: MARCH 2017 – February Moderator Elections has been cancelled

WolvHaven Department Of Elections

February moderator elections announcement

For prospective candidates:

  • If you have passed the previous SQT, you will automatically be entered into the election as a candidate.
  • Prospective candidates may take the 5th edition of the SQT here: https://goo.gl/forms/C9251km0RFwPEolq1
  • Each person is only limited to one response. It is advised that you write down your answers on a separate document and copy/paste in your answers when you are ready to submit.

Election Info:

  • There will be one voting station – WolvHaven City Hall
  • In this election, each person will be given one demotion and one election vote.
  • You may only cast your election vote only if you cast your demotion vote.
  • To vote to keep current staff, you may submit a blank signed-and-closed ballot.

Election Candidates:

To be announced.

Election Timeline:

To be announced.


Good luck and may the best candidate win!

Admin Elections 2016

WolvHaven’s annual Administrator Elections will be happening soon. This election, 1 existing moderator will be promoted to the Admin position.

Here are the following candidates for the WolvHaven administrator elections:

  1. Ezzocraft
  2. HuskyBear214
  3. Techladdie
  4. SarcasticClam
  5. Endermat96

Election timeline:

  • 24 November 2016 – Announcement of election & candidates
  • 25 November 2016 – Campaigning Begins
  • 3 December 2016 – Debate (14:00 UTC)*
  • 9 December 2016 – Polls Open (15:59 UTC)
  • 11 December 2016 – Polls Close (15:59 UTC)
  • 12 December 2016 – Announcement of new Administrator-Elect
  • 13 December 2016 – Higher Council votes
  • 14 December 2016 – Announcement of new official Admin & swearing into office

Votes will be counted using the alternate vote counting system.

*To be confirmed

Other election information:

  • You must be Citizen and above to vote
  • All votes must be signed and closed
  • If you submit more than 1 signed and closed vote, all your votes are instantly spoiled
  • If you submit an unsigned vote, the vote will be instantly destroyed – but you may submit another one
  • There is only one polling station – WolvHaven City Hall
  • The election result does not determine the moderator – the council does. The election result is used as an advisory for the candidate that people feel deserves to be admin the most.