Staff advisory on exploitation abuse

Over 10 warnings have been issued over the past month (since 16 November 2019) for exploit abuse-related offenses; a sharp increase from the previous few months.

3 Players were issued penalties for the exploitation of a sign giving out unlimited free Diamonds.

Meanwhile, more than 3 others have been penalized for abusing ucars to illegally obtain money or trespass into metro depots or fare-paid zones.

The minimum penalty for exploit abuse is 2 official warnings.

Players are reminded to immediately report and stop the usage of exploits upon discovery for it to not be considered an offense.

Parliament discord trial

As part of the growing effort to make Parliament more accessible to all WolvHaveners, we are trialing a “hard transformation” approach to revolutionize the way parliament works.

The trial from the 16 to 22 June 2019 will see parliamentary debates shifted to the WolvHaven Discord.

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Changes to server access

Hello! WolvHaven has always enjoyed the continued support of all of our members and we are very appreciative of that. However, the time has come WolvHaven to start to find new sources of income in order to stay online.

As a result, we, therefore, regret to announce that we will be charging a recurring fee for access to WolvHaven. All money collected from the fees will go directly to keeping our server online and further perks will be given to paying members.

Apart from that, we will also be announcing a brand new rank system but more on that later. Let’s get on with what most of you are wondering; what are the fees?

Fees and details

Standard Access Local WolvHavener

US$6.99 for 1 month

That’s US$6.99 a month!

US$13.37 for 3 months

That’s US$4.46 a month!

US$42.00 for 12 months

That’s US$3.50 a month!

  • Access to WolvHaven
  • Gardellia Build Access
  • Access to /tpa and all other VIP commands
  • Access to all existing Donor commands
  • Access to WolvHaven
  • All perks of the Standard Access Package
  • A [Local] tag
  •  Access to WolvHaven
  • All perks of Standard access and Local package
  • A [WolvHavener] tag
  • Access to additional cool fancy effects

*All members of staff will receive access for free

New rank system

As we are now charging for access to WolvHaven, we will be revising the ranks on the server. The new ranks are as follows

Rank Name Description of rank
[Guest] Default rank; for those on trial
[Member] Given to those who purchase the standard access package
[Local] Given to those who purchase the local package
[WolvHavener] Given to those who purchase the wolvhavener package
[Architect] Earnt through applying for the architect rank
[Helper] Earnt through helper applicaton or staff selection
[Moderator] Earnt through staff selection
[Admin]/[Owner] Earnt through staff selection


What about new citizens?

We will be revising the immigration process in order to ensure that newcomers do not waste their money to come onto a server which they will have close to no access to.

The rules test and background checks will be carried out before the new member can purchase a package. The purchasing of server access will only be available upon passing the tests.

Prospective members may wish to “trial” the server before deciding on buying server access. Therefore, we will allowing all newbies to join the server only for a week as a “trial” access period. However, they will only be given the [Guest] rank – the equivalent of the current tourist rank.

When will this take effect?

These changes are expected to take effect starting 1 June 2018. This means that the last day WolvHaven access will be open for all is on 31st May 2018.

All citizens are encouraged to purchase their access passes before 25 May 2018 to ensure a smooth transition into the new membership model and to ensure that they are added into the server whitelist when we close off to the public come 1 June 2018 at 00 00 hrs UTC.

For those who are unable to purchase the server access, we thank you for your support thus far and hope to be able to see you again when and if you do purhase access to WolvHaven and if you believed everything you have been reading so far, well let me remind you that it is the 1st of April and all of this is just an april fools joke. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!