2020 Referendum on the mode of representation

Overview of the Referendum

Polling period:
27 to 29 Nov 2020
No. of questions:
Voting by:
In-person / Discord Mail
Polling location:
City Hall, 4H

What is the Referendum on the Mode of Representation?

As announced earlier on October 14 2020, key changes are coming to the WolvHaven Political System. The biggest change is that members of staff will no longer be allowed to run or take part in any election, and the redefinition of the House of Representatives & the Senate’s roles as houses to represent the community, and staff management interests respectively.

With that, a referendum on the mode of representation was also announced, and after consultation with the community, the questions and options have been finalized, and will be put to a vote on the 27 to 29 November 2020.

What are the questions?

Do you support direct-elect ministerial positions(DEP)?
Under DEP, do you want general Members of Parliament?
If there are General MPs, how should they be elected?

Question 1: Do you support direct-elect ministerial positions (DEP)?


I support having direct elections for ministerial positions.

Interested candidates will run for any of the following portfolios:

  • Minister for Internal Affairs
  • Minister for Gardellian Affairs
  • Minister for Community & Social Development, and Foreign Affairs
  • Minister for Infrastructure and National Development

Eligible voters will have 4 seperate votes for each position, and candidates will be elected under the Alternative Voting system

Voters will rank candidates in order of preference, and the least popular candidate is eliminated, with their votes transferred to their next indicated preference until any candidate gets 50%, or is the last one standing.


I do not support having direct elections for ministerial positions.

Under this option, WolvHaven will continue to stick to the existing Party-List Proportionate Representation system

Players will continue to elect a party they want to represent them.

However, under this system, there will be no independents

Question 2: Under a direct-elect ministerial position system, do you want general Members of Parliament (MPs)?


I want to have general members of parliament.

  • Electors will get another vote for candidates they want to take on the role of Members of Parliament.
  • Members will be elected under the system chosen in the third question.


I do not want general members of parliament.

  • Electors will only get 4 separate votes for each ministerial position.
  • General MPs will cease to exist.

Question 3: If there are general Members of Parliament, how should they be elected?


I want MPs elected via the Single Transferrable Vote.

  • Electors will rank candidates in order of preference
  • Not everyone has to be ranked, you may leave out people you do not support
  • Candidates who receive enough votes to hit a threshold get a seat
  • Excess votes are proportionately transferred
  • The least-popular candidate is eliminated, their votes transferred to their next preference


I want MPs elected on a Party-List Proportionate system.

  • Electors will vote for a party they support
  • Similar to the current system being used
  • Seats a party wins is proportionate to the % of votes received for their party
  • No independents

Voting by Mail (26 November – 29 November, 4PM UTC)

Direct Message SilverWolv#3476 on Discord with the following template:
Q1: [Fill in YES/NO]
Q2: [Fill in YES/NO]
Q3: [Fill in STV/PLP]

Staff changes, and whistleblowing reports

As announced earlier in the post about the upcoming changes to the WolvHaven political system, Staff will be reorganized into functional departments/ministries that oversee various areas within the server.

What are the new departments?

The new departments are as follows:

Launching the new wolvhaven.net/gov

To facilitate this change, the WolvHaven.net/gov microsite has been updated to become a new one-stop area for players to find all services.

You may also find out what each ministry/department mentioned earlier does, and the administrative tasks they are responsible for on the microsite. Contact information and management of the departments may also be found on this new page.

Introducing the new whistleblowing form

Following feedback that some players may feel reserved in reporting incidents of rule infractions or complaints out of fear of putting themselves at risk, the whistleblowing form is being launched to combat this problem.

Players may report incidents to members of staff for issues such as staff misconduct or if they feel that going directly towards staff and revealing their identity puts themselves at risk.

You may now report an incident at WolvHaven.net/whistleblow

The form can also be found from wolvhaven.net/gov and the website homepage.

Changes to the WolvHaven Political System

Since the beginning of the current political system in WolvHaven in 2017, several issues have arisen. Following discussions with members of staff, and after conducting a review, several key changes will be coming to the server’s political system.

Why the need for change?

Several issues were identified over the past two elections, namely:

  • Confusion over authority
  • Community unity strained
  • Lack of authority/power
  • Concerns over conflict of interest

Changes were made to the election system in an attempt to address the issues at hand in the May 2020 General Election. However, it has become evident that more radical change will be needed to tackle all the problems at hand.

Confusion over authority

Under the current system, as it stands, elected members of parliament are unable to manage the execution of the changes they propose. There is also a lot of confusion, and the chain of authority is entangled.

Regular citizens are also unsure who to approach with regards to certain issues, making it confusing for everyone.

Community unity strained

While it is heartening to see individuals who care about the server, opinions and strong feelings on what they perceive as best for the server has strained the unity of the community.

Lack of authority/power

Most of the elected MPs currently do not have any authority to effect the change they propose

Concerns over conflict of interest

Doubts have arisen regaridng Staff’s ability to moderate and participate in debate impartially. This erodes the confidence in members of staff.

The key changes

  • Staff will no longer be allowed to run for or stand in elections for positions in the House of Representatives
  • Clearer seperation of powers between the executive and legislature
  • Staff will make up the executive
  • The legislature will continue to be made of two houses
    • House of Representatives will be made entirely of non-staffers, and represent the community’s interests
    • The Senate will be made entirely of staff, and members selected by the President for their expertise to represent server management’s interests

How the system will look overall

The following flowchart depicts how the new system will work

Server leadership changes 2020

Hello! SilverWolv here. Since the inception of the WolvHaven server in 2011, I have mainly been in charge of overseeing the overall running and managing of the server.

However, all things will come to an end, and I will be moving off to doing my studies in University soon and will no longer be as active as I was last time. As such, I have entrusted several individuals with the responsibility to keep WolvHaven operational well into the future.

Who are the new head-honchos?

Since 1 August 2020, two of the staff’s existing admins have been entrusted and given the power to make overall decisions concerning the server. A new rank has been created for these two staff members – namely the PSO(OPS) and PSO(PC).

PSO stands for Principal Staff Officer, by the way.

PSO(PC) – essentially the community manager

Jotch is now officially the server’s PSO for Policy and Community. His role is essentially the community manager and will be in charge of overseeing, identifying, and addressing any issues or disputes within the community in general.

PSO(OPS) – essentially the backend operations manager

Mopsistudios, on the other hand, is now the server’s PSO for Operations. His role is to oversee and look into the server’s administrative processes; such as application processing and regulatory enforcement.

DevCom – essentially the server’s technical manager

Nixholas has been appointed as the server’s new development commissioner. He will be in charge in overseeing the server’s technical aspects such as uptime and upkeep of plugins together with his appointed team of server devs.

What happens next?

Both Jotch and Mopsistudios were identified to take over the role as both of them have great strengths in different fields. Hence, it was decided to split up the role between the two of them.

Both Jotch and Mopsistudios will now hold the ability to make final decisions for the server, and also change the way new staff members are appointed, and decide the appointment of new staff members.

WolvHaven Celebrates Pride 2020


🗓 27 June 2020, 2PM UTC
📌 Grand Parade/Boulevard, Fifth Haven


A pride parade will be organised along the boulevard in fifth haven!


– If you have build rights in fifth haven, build on an empty float directly
– otherwise make a float in lab and ask a staff member/architect to transfer it for you!

Float Size: 9m wide, 16m long, 6m tall


Join in the festivities and customize your skin for the event! (mibu is hinting thats he’s doing drag)


Get your gardellia towns and cities in with the festivities! Decorate and pride-ify your gardellia towns!


Over in # pride-2020 in the WH Discord

WolvHaven is going 1.13

As final testing on 1.13 has shown to be going well, with minor or no major expected disruption to the server experience, we are excited to announce that we are excited that we will be upgrading to 1.13.2 soon

As of now, the tentative date for this upgrade is expected to be on 5 May 2020, from 3AM UTC

Judging from our test server upgrade, this downtime is expected to last between 4 to 6 hours, with the server hopefully ready by 9AM UTC.

A final call to report bugs from the test server

We do not want to require a backup restore should there be any extreme bugs. Should a backup restore be required, all progress made on the server after the upgrade will be lost.

Feasibility status for upgrade

This means that the server can operate as it is, taking into consideration several minor bugs and/or issues that only affect minute aspects of gameplay. 

The following issues can be expected after the upgrade

  • Lifts using EElevators having weird sign placements within lift cabins
  • Lifts using ElevatorsV2 having weird glass pane door glitching, and iron doors being destroyed

Elytra Racing

I believe I can fly!!!!


We are hosting an elytra race. Players will race against each other to be the first to cross the finish line. We are hosting a knockout tournament in which players will race and the winner will proceed to the next round. All participants will get $50 just for participation. 1st place will receive $10,000, 2nd place will receive $5,000, 3rd place will receive $2,500, and 4th place will receive $1,000. Afterwards we will all race together for fun. The tournament schedule will be announced on Saturday.


-556, 113, 1931 in the Laboratory world. You may practice at any time!


At parliament time (2PM UTC) on Saturday, 25 March.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up by confirming your entry in the #events channel on discord.

What are the rules?

  • 2 players per race
  • Each match contains 3 races with 3 laps each.
  • Don’t fly when it is your turn
  • Only use non-exploding fireworks.
  • Have fun!

Citizen Rank Applications open from 13 March 2020

WolvHaveners voted in favor for the implementation of a new interim rank between the Visitor and Citizen ranks – called “Permanent Resident” (PR) in the January 2020 General Election/Referendum Exercise.

On 16 January 2020, the PR rank was introduced by executive order, mandating that new Visitors who have completed the Immigration Test be promoted to PR instead of Citizen, without any promotions from PR to Citizen until further notice.

Applications Open from 13 March 2020.

The new Citizenship application will open from 13 March 2020. Links to the application forms can now be found in the Ranks/Application Forms pages under the information section of the WolvHaven website.

Applications will be processed on a weekly basis, with results released every Saturday/Sunday.

Nominate your WolvHaveners of the year

The WolvHavener of the year award celebrates the achievements and contributions by recognizing citizens who are leading role-models for all. Their achievements serve as an inspiration and challenge us to make our own contributions towards creating a better WolvHaven.

Honoring a group of well-respected citizens who spark discussions, change, and action on issues of national interest, the award also aims to promote active citizenry through the recognition of WolvHaveners who have contributed significantly to the community.

Read More