World of Color 1.12.1


On 5 September 2017, WolvHaven went down for regular scheduled maintenance. However, things got a bit colorful while the maintenance was being carried out. As tests previously had proved successful, it was decided that this opportunity would be taken to upgrade the server to 1.12.1 – providing a surprise for all WolvHaveners waking up or arriving back home from school.

Here are some changes everyone should take note of:

  1. Colorful blocks and cool jazz from the minecraft 1.12.1 update
    concrete, glazed terracotta and more
  2. Removal of the microblocks plugin
    This plugin no longer works and would have no meaning keeping it on the server. We are open to suggestions from the community for a replacement plugin.
  3. Advisory on EasyElevator
    While EasyElevator has been one of the greatest elevator plugins ever installed on the server and has served us well since 2013, its future is rather uncertain. The plugin has not been updated in ages and it is starting to show some issues where the ‘ding’ sound has to be disabled in order for it to work. We advise everyone to move from the EasyElevator plugin onto using craftbook sign elevators. We are open to suggestions from the community for a replacement plugin as well.
  4. New discord IRC
    IRC – standing for Internet Relay Chat has been added into the server! (It’s not actually an IRC but just a fancy name for discord server connection) Players whom are in the WolvHaven discord server and are verified may start to use this service. The IRC text channel in discord connects the server’s chat to the discord server allowing you to chat with your fellow WolvHaveners on the go without having to worry much about data usage from mobile applications such as minechat and hyperchat. Run the command /discord ? in game for more information. The IRC will be a trial for 3 months.
  5. Dynmap chat may be removed
    If the trial of the discord IRC proves popular, we will most likely be phasing out the dynmap chat functionality. This means that the server’s dynmap will no longer require an account to view anymore and remembering 1 less password.


Get colorful, WolvHaven!

Elytra is here!

Dadadadadadadadaddadadadadadadaddaadadaddada BATMAN!!!

WolvHaven has recently upgraded to MC release version 1.11!

Here are some of the important things to take note:

  1. Due to group manager being unsupported, we have to manually revamp and reallocate everyone to their original rank. As of 26/04/2017, all permissions have been fully restored. Player ranks however, are still in the process of installation! We ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding while we are undertaking these works.
  2. Easyelevators will no longer have a ‘DING’ sound due to a bug within the plugin.
  3. Chestshop plugin has been replaced with shopchest. More information on creating, buying and selling here
  4. Trains no longer derail (Woohoo!) Thunder down that slope if you want! I crashed my train into the bridge – I don’t care! I love it!


New Parliamentary System

Hello all!

With 2017, we are introducing a new parliamentary system which involves political parties and general elections.

Let’s let this handy dandy infographic do the trick 🙂

New staff appointment model


As you may know, WolvHaven has been selecting and appointing its members of staff through the use of elections since 2012. While the election system has been constantly changed and optimized in order to ensure that it works best in WolvHaven’s interests, it has unfortunately reached its maximum potential.

The election system has served us well – it ensured that everyone had a say in the people who they want to moderate and look after the server and enabled the council to have better insights to support decision making. (The results of the election are not always definite – any member of council may call for a vote to reject the outcome of the election)

However, times change – and so must our staff appointment model. Therefore, we will be introducing the Experience Based Learning (EBL) Model. Here’s how it works:

  1. There will be a Staff Performance Review (SPR) every 1-2 months
  2. Council members may nominate any person (candidate) whom they feel is suitable for the position of moderator
  3. The candidate will be subject to an interview on why they think they should be given the staff position
  4. Council members discuss, vote and give their verdict
  5. Upon passing, the candidate will be given a probational period till the next SPR
  6. During the probational period, the candidate’s performance will be monitored by both fellow moderators and council members. The candidate will also have a situational test (SIT) at random without notice.
  7. At the next SPR, should council be satisfied, the candidate will be a moderator till the time he/she gets into probation and fails at the probational period.

User Pruning: March 2017 and warnings.


  • A person spammed and uploaded malicious attachments on the forums
  • Remove and scan your computer if you have opened/downloaded any pdf attachment recently
  • All identifiable members added to confirmed members group – all other accounts deleted
  • Use your minecraft username as your username when registering on the forums
  • Use a strong password that is different from the one you use on other websites

We were alerted to a user on the forum spamming attachments ending with .pdf

Please do NOT download any of the content. If you have downloaded or opened any of the attachments, please remove them from your computer and run a security scan on your computer as soon as possible.

We have removed all 50 files from our system and removed the user and his/her posts on the forums

Stay safe on the forums
– Do not reveal your personal information or the personal information of others
– When in doubt, do not open or download any attachments
– Use a strong password for your account that is different from other websites you use

New Measures
We have added all users who we are able to idenfity into the confirmed members group in the forums. This will allow us to quickly sift out any potential spam accounts that do not use weird domains (such as gmail/hotmail) and remove them from the site

Please help to confirm if you have seen any people by the name of
– MrAutomatonMan
– Helmans11
– Silver14Gamer
on the server so that I can add them into the confirmed member group if necessary.

All other accounts that are not in the Confirmed Members group have been deleted. Should your account be deleted, you will have to register again on the forums. Sorry for the inconvenience

When registering on the forums, please use your minecraft account’s username so that we will be able to identify you easier.

IMPORTANT: World Resets

As mentioned before, we will be resetting and removing some worlds. In order to facilitate this movement, we will give players at least 1 week to transfer their stuff over to the new resetted worlds. Worldedit will be provided for players transferring builds where required.

Please avoid building/making edits in old Gardellia, Innovate and NewHollow.

We will not be entertaining any late requests. Once the world closes, it is taken off the server for good.

Here is a timeline of how things will go:

Date Event Remarks

5th Jan 2017


Official Announcement of world resets


8th Jan 2017


  • Opening of the following worlds
    • Pangaea (New Hollow Replacement)
    • Laboratory (Innovate Replacement)
  • Opening of old Gardellia world with worldedit permissions (for copying and pasting)

All worlds will be accessible through [WARP] signs in citizen lobby OR existing portals

Players ranked [Citizen] and above may start transferring their items over into the new worlds. They have:
1 Week to transfer builds from Old Gardellia world to the laboratory world
2 Weeks to transfer builds from Old Innovate world to the laboratory world
3 Weeks to transfer items, dismantle buildings and rebuild buildings over to the new Pangaea world.


15th Jan 2017


Termination of the old Gardellia world.


Old gardellia is closed for good.


22nd Jan 2017


Termination of the old Innovate world.


Innovate is closed for good.


29th Jan 2017


Termination of the New Hollow world.


New Hollow is closed for good.

Gardellia is now open!

Hello everyone! Gardellia is now open to the public!

What is Gardellia?

Gardellia is a world with a rail and road network where people can claim areas and build the own towns, cities and settlements – to any style they like as long as it complies with our rules.

Sweet! So how do I get to Gardellia?

You need to be ranked [Citizen] and above to get access to the Gardellia world. Citizens can access gardellia by using /spawn and going through the right most lava portal in the spawn lobby.

I’m in Gardellia. But I cannot build. Help!

All players who wish to build in Gardellia have to go through an application process. This is an added layer of security to ensure that people understand the rules before building in Gardellia. We do this with the aim of protecting people’s towns and cities and keeping rule breakers out as much as possible.

You may apply using this link:

What are the rules for Gardellia?

You may view the rules to Gardellia on the rules page. However, for your convenience, its included below.

[WPSM_AC_SH id=46]

Can I get worldedit?

You may get worldedits by asking an admin and above to perform the worldedit for you or ask anyone with worldedit access to perform the worldedit for you.

You may apply for worldedit permisisons here:

Please take note of the following:

  • The Gardellia rail network is not officially complete yet, please stay out of the southern side of the map to avoid any conflicts with the future southern phase 2 of the rail network. However, if you insist, please contact a member of staff for advisories on the locations of the future railway.

That will be all. Happy building! 🙂

Gardellia Is Coming!

Gardellia is set to open this Christmas (25th December 2016)! The long awaited world which has been plagued with several problems is now almost ready for the public!

Please take note of the following:

  1. To gain build rights in Gardellia, please apply here
    You still have to apply even if you were a builder in the original gardellia or have helped out with new gardellia
  2. Please refrain from building in the SOUTHERN side of the map. The gardellia mainlines do not serve this area yet and we wish to avoid conflict when we construct the mainlines to this area.
  3. The rules and regulations regarding Gardellia can be found here


What happened?

To summarize:

  • Our old website was hacked by a hacking group that was engaged by a member who cannot accept their ban
  • All old forum data is lost
  • No information was compromised
  • Create a new account
    • When creating new account, please use a different password from other websites for your security & safety


TLDR:Hello! It’s me, SilverWolv and I would like to address a little on what had happened to our previous website.

So it all begins with the original website having some issues as it was apparently using a nulled version of xenforo. Xenforo is a forum software which hosted our forum services and costs over hundreds of dollars just to purchase.

The issue with the old website was that there were several loopholes in the system allowing people to do things such as cross scripting and sql injection. The old website was originally supposed to be a test website but eventually grew on to become the main website.

Things were going fine until one day a few months ago, some people reported to me that my account had posted a pornography picture with the caption that p*rnhub was our brand new “sponsor”. Nixholas immediately got to the bottom of the issue and found out it was done through cross site scripting – one of the many loop holes in the nullified version of xenforo. Hoping that this will not happen again, I have been looking for alternatives ever since and the decision was made to switch to this software which was free so we weren’t breaking any laws at the same time too. The best part of all was that we would be able to integrate the forums and the official server website together under one website, welcoming new visitors but at the same time, providing a medium for discussion for the community.

So what happened to the old website? As soon as I found out that this could be done a month ago, I was considering switching over. However, that would mean losing all of our content on the old website. During that period of time as well, I had rejected a ban appeal from DreamBoy1 as it did not meet the standards. As a result, he engaged a hacking team to take down the old website. So our entire website database was corrupted and hence the message “An unexpected database error occurred” on the screen when you visit the website. As the old contents were irretrievable, we decided to move on to this system.

We found out it was him as he spammed comments (which have since been deleted for spam) on WolvHaven’s youtube that we had been hacked by a certain hacking group and even posted the steam community link there. Within the steam community was a post stating that they had managed to undermine the entire WolvHaven website. Also, we noticed that they were open to requests for websites to hack.

Is your data compromised? So far, we can assure you that no data – especially passwords have been compromised. However, it is encouraged that you exercise caution and change your password if necessary.

You will have to create a brand new account on this website. Go to forum >> register. Please also note that it is advised that you use a password different from your other accounts. It doesn’t matter if its WolvHaven or not – it is safer to use a different password for different websites.

The features of this forum system are more limited – but the developers of the system are working on new features at the moment so that is something to look forward to.

Welp. Welcome to your new forum. AGAIN.

Special thanks to nixholas who helped to setup the base website <3