Register your Gardellia claim by August

Under the Gardellia Claim Registry Act, 2019 all Gardellian claim holders must register their claims using the Claim Registry Form. This includes deregistering/abandoning claims, ensuring accuracy in record keeping.

In addition, Gardellians will now be able to apply for exemption from having their claims being deemed abandoned using the form. This is being done to improve the workflow of the Gardellia Enforcement team.

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Introducing administrative days

Application & enforcement galore

Gardellia applications, architect applications, helper applications even worldedit permissions applications!? What the fu–

WolvHaven has many different application forms available for players to apply to gain access to specific areas within the server. Many of these applications have varied processing timeframes – leading to messy processing and a lack of the ability to track the processing rate of such applications.

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Let’s Talk: Backseat Moderating

1 January 2018 – Let’s Talk: Backseat Moderation


WolvHaven has been running for over 6 years and has seen many people come and go. However, in recent years, a new phenomenon has landed on our shores and has remained etched in our community – backseat moderating.

Backseat Disruptive & Substandard Moderating (BDSM/Backseat Moderating) and how it hurts the server

Let’s all admit it. Some WolvHaveners have a serious problem. It’s called Backseat Disruptive & Substandard Moderation. In this post, we will discuss what backseat moderating is, why you should not participate in it and the implications it may have on you if you do participate.

  • What is backseat moderating?
  • Why is backseat moderating so bad?
  • Examples of backseat moderation
  • Implications for engaging in backseat moderation
  • What do I do when I see someone breaking the rules?
  • What do I do if I feel a member of staff could have handled a situation better?

What is backseat moderating?

Backseat moderating is the act of trying to police anyone anywhere on WolvHaven (Server, Discord, Forums etc.) when one is not a member of staff.

For example:
2 Players are having an argument and a 3rd party comes along and tells one player that they will be banned and/or threatens to report one of them to staff. What the 3rd party has just done is backseat moderate.

Why is backseat moderating so bad?

There are several reasons why backseat moderation is so bad, but here are the 3 main reasons.

  • Spread of misinformation
    As the people who are backseat moderating are not members of staff, they may not give off accurate information. A person backseat moderating may exaggerate the punishments for a certain offence and/or state that the person is violating the rules, when he is in fact not. This results in the spreading of misinformation and could potentially result in more people breaking certain rules. This inaccurate accusation may also result in disharmony between members.
  • It can further escalate situations
    Staff are given specific protocols to follow when handling disputes between players and/or cases. If a backseat moderator jumps into a fight between 2 players in an attempt to moderate it, he or she may make comments which could form a way of bias against another player. This can result in the other player feeling that he or she is being treated unfairly, leading to more commotion and fighting.
  • It is annoying and is rarely adhered to
    Advice given by backseat moderators is rarely heeded to and is rather annoying. When one backseat moderates, the offenders rarely take the advice seriously as the person is not a member of staff and does not have the authority. Excessive backseat moderating also gets on others’ nerves as it goes to show that one is unable to mind his or her own business and is trying to act above his or her own authority.

Ultimately, it leads to a server experience that is worse for all eventually.

What are some examples of backseat moderating?

Examples of backseat moderating include but are not limited to:

  • Talking about punishing others
    E.g. You are getting banned for this!
  • Giving opinions on how to settle a dispute between 2 or more players
    E.g. The both of you should just destroy each others’ towns and leave the server
  • Threatening to report an individual to staff
    E.g. I will report you if you say that again!
  • Telling staff your opinion on what they should do while they are handling the situation
    E.g. I think you can’t do your job properly. You should be…
  • Asking members of staff to punish someone in a certain way
    E.g. I think you should give him a double warning
  • Attempt to “bring justice” by taking sides in a dispute
    E.g. Please XXX, nobody likes you anyway and everybody here finds you damn annoying. Stop trying to justify everything you do wrong. The other person is obviously in the right and you, in the wrong!
  • Exercising force/authority on someone when you are not in a position to do so
    E.g. Commenting on a courtroom case in the forums

Some real examples of backseat moderation

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Implications for backseat moderating

As mentioned earlier on, backseat moderating not only complicates the job of staff but can also spread misinformation, increase tensions, and escalate situations.

Backseat moderating is against the rules!

If you insist on backseat moderating, you may very well be awarded an official warning, or even a ban.

If you think you know the rules well and have what it takes, apply for [Helper]. If we see you have potential, you can be added to our ranks as a [Helper], perform well, and you might be promoted to [Mod].


So what do I do when I see a player breaking the rules?

  • Check the rules to see if the player is indeed breaking a rule
  • Remind the player POLITELY that they are breaking the rules
  • If they continue, report it to staff via #helpop in discord or posting it in the courtroom section of the forums
  • DM an admin if you think staff mishandled a situation
  • Comment if unsure about the rule
  • Threaten to report to staff
  • Assume the punishment for the player (Example: You are getting banned/warned.)
  • Attempt to “bring justice” by saying who is right and who is wrong in a dispute between 2 players
  • Act above authority (Example: You will be blacklisted from applying for architect)
  • Tell staff how they should do their job while they are handling the situation (Example: Oi mod, you should give him a ban, stop trying to resolve it)

What if I feel like the way a member of staff could have handled something better?

We believe there is a time and a place for everything. This applies to providing feedback on members of staff. Nudging in while a member of staff is trying to handle the situation not only annoys the member of staff, it is also a form of backseat moderation as discussed earlier.

If you believe that a member of staff could have performed better in a situation, you may always approach the member of staff nicely in Direct Messages.

However, if you feel it is better, you may always approach SilverWolv to provide feedback.

When providing feedback, please keep it constructive. We want to improve the server experience for everyone; sending us insults or cocky feedback is probably not going to help. Tell us what you would do instead to handle the situation and if we find that your suggestion is better, we will forward it to the staff member respectively to improve on.

To Summarize…

Changes to verbal warnings 2018

Let’s start 2018 by setting things right. With effect from 1 January 2018, some changes will be made to verbal warnings for veteran players on the server.

Staff have noticed that players – especially the veterans have been breaking the rules at a higher frequency since 2017. This is largely due to the leniency that is offered to players who are ranked citizen and above, leading to many thinking that they will always be able to get away with breaking the rules. We want to put a stop to this and we also expect our veteran players to display a standard fit for veterans.

Happy new year. Let’s work towards a better, more welcoming community for all.


Honestus Esse…

Honestus Esse is an initiative by the WolvHaven staff to make members more aware of their actions and how it affects the community.

What does “Honestus Esse” Mean?

“Honestus Esse” means “to be honest” in Latin and we would like all people to express their honest opinions in this activity.

What is it about?

Similar to the craze over anonymous feedback tools such as and sarahah a few months ago, we want to provide a way for all members of the community to provide anonymous feedback to each other.

You can send feedback to anyone – even members of staff and SilverWolv himself (we don’t bite or ban. really. so long as you follow the rules)

Why was it setup?

In the WolvHaven Demographic Census 2017, several of you have noted that at least one or more people on the server annoyed you. Therefore, Honestus Esse was created to compile and send feedback to people on the server in order to make each other more aware of their actions, how they affect and/or make others feel and how they can improve to help build a better community together.

Holding a grudge or have prejudices against someone else is not healthy for our community in the long run. Let’s build bridges – not divide ourselves.

How it works:

  1. You fill out a form for each person you wish to give feedback to
  2. After the deadline, all responses will be compiled & reworded (if needed) into a document for each person. You will remain anonymous.
  3. If anyone has sent you feedback, you will receive a document via discord/in-game mail
  4. Take note of the feedback sent to you and work towards improving yourself when interacting with others


For this to be successful, we only ask of 2 things from you:

  1. Be Constructive – Don’t just full out bash another person. Kindly suggest ways and steps they could take to improve on their behavior.
  2. Be Respectful – Please be respectful in your feedback. Remember, this is an initiative to build a community that is more aware of how their actions affect others.

After you have received your collated feedback

Upon receiving feedback that is addressed to you, please take the time to look through and reflect. Please don’t go on a witch-hunt, accusing or suspecting others of writing something that you disagree with. Remember – this is about becoming more aware of the way your actions affect others.

It would be appreciated if one learns from the feedback given to them and tries to improve based on that; instead of outright denying it before thinking it through and continue bearing a grudge against people.

Get started!

You can start sending feedback till December 31 2017! Click here for the form!

(if link does not work,


Q: Will my identity be kept confidential?
A: Your identity will remain anonymous and confidential when the feedback is collated and sent over to the recipient.

Q: Why is there still a need to collect my identification if I am submitting anonymous feedback to another person?
A: While the responses you send will be delivered to the recipient anonymously, we want to have a platform where people exercise their anonymity with responsibility. Honestus Esse should not be used to send hate to another person – it would defeat its overall purpose.

Q: Who has access to the identification tied to whoever that sent the feedback?
A: Only SilverWolv has access to the responses being sent – not even the other admins have access to it.

Q: Why will my feedback be reworded if needed?
A: The feedback will be reworded if necessary in order minimize any forms of misunderstanding or to remove certain aspects that could reveal your identity unintentionally.

New staff appointment model


As you may know, WolvHaven has been selecting and appointing its members of staff through the use of elections since 2012. While the election system has been constantly changed and optimized in order to ensure that it works best in WolvHaven’s interests, it has unfortunately reached its maximum potential.

The election system has served us well – it ensured that everyone had a say in the people who they want to moderate and look after the server and enabled the council to have better insights to support decision making. (The results of the election are not always definite – any member of council may call for a vote to reject the outcome of the election)

However, times change – and so must our staff appointment model. Therefore, we will be introducing the Experience Based Learning (EBL) Model. Here’s how it works:

  1. There will be a Staff Performance Review (SPR) every 1-2 months
  2. Council members may nominate any person (candidate) whom they feel is suitable for the position of moderator
  3. The candidate will be subject to an interview on why they think they should be given the staff position
  4. Council members discuss, vote and give their verdict
  5. Upon passing, the candidate will be given a probational period till the next SPR
  6. During the probational period, the candidate’s performance will be monitored by both fellow moderators and council members. The candidate will also have a situational test (SIT) at random without notice.
  7. At the next SPR, should council be satisfied, the candidate will be a moderator till the time he/she gets into probation and fails at the probational period.

User Pruning: March 2017 and warnings.


  • A person spammed and uploaded malicious attachments on the forums
  • Remove and scan your computer if you have opened/downloaded any pdf attachment recently
  • All identifiable members added to confirmed members group – all other accounts deleted
  • Use your minecraft username as your username when registering on the forums
  • Use a strong password that is different from the one you use on other websites

We were alerted to a user on the forum spamming attachments ending with .pdf

Please do NOT download any of the content. If you have downloaded or opened any of the attachments, please remove them from your computer and run a security scan on your computer as soon as possible.

We have removed all 50 files from our system and removed the user and his/her posts on the forums

Stay safe on the forums
– Do not reveal your personal information or the personal information of others
– When in doubt, do not open or download any attachments
– Use a strong password for your account that is different from other websites you use

New Measures
We have added all users who we are able to idenfity into the confirmed members group in the forums. This will allow us to quickly sift out any potential spam accounts that do not use weird domains (such as gmail/hotmail) and remove them from the site

Please help to confirm if you have seen any people by the name of
– MrAutomatonMan
– Helmans11
– Silver14Gamer
on the server so that I can add them into the confirmed member group if necessary.

All other accounts that are not in the Confirmed Members group have been deleted. Should your account be deleted, you will have to register again on the forums. Sorry for the inconvenience

When registering on the forums, please use your minecraft account’s username so that we will be able to identify you easier.

February Moderator Elections

UPDATE: MARCH 2017 – February Moderator Elections has been cancelled

WolvHaven Department Of Elections

February moderator elections announcement

For prospective candidates:

  • If you have passed the previous SQT, you will automatically be entered into the election as a candidate.
  • Prospective candidates may take the 5th edition of the SQT here:
  • Each person is only limited to one response. It is advised that you write down your answers on a separate document and copy/paste in your answers when you are ready to submit.

Election Info:

  • There will be one voting station – WolvHaven City Hall
  • In this election, each person will be given one demotion and one election vote.
  • You may only cast your election vote only if you cast your demotion vote.
  • To vote to keep current staff, you may submit a blank signed-and-closed ballot.

Election Candidates:

To be announced.

Election Timeline:

To be announced.


Good luck and may the best candidate win!

Admin Elections 2016

WolvHaven’s annual Administrator Elections will be happening soon. This election, 1 existing moderator will be promoted to the Admin position.

Here are the following candidates for the WolvHaven administrator elections:

  1. Ezzocraft
  2. HuskyBear214
  3. Techladdie
  4. SarcasticClam
  5. Endermat96

Election timeline:

  • 24 November 2016 – Announcement of election & candidates
  • 25 November 2016 – Campaigning Begins
  • 3 December 2016 – Debate (14:00 UTC)*
  • 9 December 2016 – Polls Open (15:59 UTC)
  • 11 December 2016 – Polls Close (15:59 UTC)
  • 12 December 2016 – Announcement of new Administrator-Elect
  • 13 December 2016 – Higher Council votes
  • 14 December 2016 – Announcement of new official Admin & swearing into office

Votes will be counted using the alternate vote counting system.

*To be confirmed

Other election information:

  • You must be Citizen and above to vote
  • All votes must be signed and closed
  • If you submit more than 1 signed and closed vote, all your votes are instantly spoiled
  • If you submit an unsigned vote, the vote will be instantly destroyed – but you may submit another one
  • There is only one polling station – WolvHaven City Hall
  • The election result does not determine the moderator – the council does. The election result is used as an advisory for the candidate that people feel deserves to be admin the most.