New metro concession model

The Department of Transport is announcing a new Metro Operator Concession Model that will take effect from 24 September 2017.

Under this new Metro Operator Concession Model, all current existing Metro Line Operators will see their contracts terminated on the 24 September 2017 and new contracts will be awarded for the operation of metro lines to new or existing operators.

The new scheme will see most of the automatic metro lines being operated by TransHaven – the government owned public transport operator while the manual lines will be awarded to different operators.

The job of the operator is to liaison with existing train drivers to provide regular scheduled services on the manual line(s) which they operate. The department of transport will own and maintain the infrastructure on all the lines (exception of line 10)

To apply to operate any of the lines up for bidding – apply here:

The following contracts will not be affected:

  1. C652 – Signalization of Metro Lines 6 & 8
  2. C1005 – Operation of Metro Line 10

Structure of the new concession model:

  • Each operator will be paid a fee of WH$120,000 every 3 months per line they operate (excl. automatic lines)
  • Operators will use the WH$120,000 to pay extra to drivers who drive trains on their lines when requested by the operator as an incentive
  • Operators may introduce various schemes (e.g. timetabling & scheduled services) to improve service availability on the line
  • The current request system will remain in place – Drivers do not have to commit to one operator and may drive any line as and when they like
  • Existing payouts on lines will remain, existing drivers will still get paid per trip
  • At the end of 3 months, the operator’s contract will be reviewed and terminated or renewed based on the line’s performance

Here are the following lines and their operators:

Line Operator
1 – City Line TransHaven
2 – 7th Avenue Line TransHaven
3 – East-West Line TransHaven
4 – North-South Line Sakana Heavy Industries
5 – West Coast Line Westrans
6 – Interborough Line FTrans
7 – Waterfront Line RegioLinQ
8 – Interborough Line Express FTrans
10 – Airport Express UKRail
S – Bella Vista Shuttle TransHaven