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[Solved] I would like to be unblackisted from driving  


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13/08/2017 4:18 am  

Well I really want to be unblackisted from driving wolvhavens train network. The Metro is super cool but is very limited because there is only really 2 real lines I could ride and 1 is limited service (M2 and M8, not counting BERT or special service trains like Airport Express or MS). I would really like to be able to drive M4, M6, M7, and M5 any time without asking a driver. The server metro is super cool but all my favorite lines are manual (M4, M5, M7 and the tram). I have learned from getting banned that driving the tram (or any train) without a license is the wrong thing to do, and I will never drive any train until I get a license. I also know only to train with an examiner. Please I have learned the server rules and I know:


*Only Train With Examiner

*DO NOT drive ANY train without a license 


Please Take this under consideration and I hope you had a nice day.




P.S. I decided to post this here and not in the ban appeal section is that I don't know if this is allowed in the ban appeal section.

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13/08/2017 4:20 am  

I also know not to beg for metro tests. I will only Ask each examiner only one time per day and be respectful if they say no.

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13/08/2017 4:30 am  

It's absolutely fine if you say no but I would like to drive WHs cool train network.



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15/08/2017 2:24 am  

Okay, you obviously don't get the word "begging". You are begging, cause you KEEP asking. So stop asking! Every examiner said "no". No is no, and there is no way you can change that. Keep asking us, examiners, the more ANNOYED we get. It is utterly disgusting to see people like you who keep on begging even when no is no. What is even more disgusting, is that you even dragged it into forums.  That is just desperate and very disgusting.

(The message above is my personal opinion, it may not be the thoughts of all the examiners.)


Your status: still BLACKLISTED

If you want to personally chat with us, please personally PM us, examiners and admins, on discord. Thanks!

Don't think for a second that I actually care what you have to say

Estimable Member Admin
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15/08/2017 4:07 am  

Space, you don't represent all the examiners as a whole. Also, your backseat moderation is back to how annoyingly terrible it used to be.

I don't see an official vote or poll in the drivers' committee that "every examiner said no"

What is truly disgusting is your continuation of backseat moderation.

It is also not within the drivers' committee to decide who gets blacklisted or unblacklisted. Stop acting like you have all power to do so.

Continuation of this will lead to suspension of your examinership because your job as an examiner is to train new drivers - not to go around acting like god on other drivers or aspiring drivers.

Also, may I point out that your excessive usage of the term 'railtard' and publicly insulting and calling out of others is deplorable. 

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Joined:1 year  ago
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15/08/2017 5:33 am  

So am I unblacklisted SilverWolv? I wanted to know if I can drive trains if I can pass the test. Btw I applied for Gard about 1-2 weeks ago idk wether it went through or not.


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29/08/2017 12:42 pm  

Ugh this is a problem for me tho but i can still get through the barriers XD (wonder if someone took me off the list by now?) just as long i know how to drive idc.

Btw space, i wasn't blklisted from you i was first blklisted from auto then space?!?!?! this is confuzing


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