Is the train faster than walking or driving?  


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30/01/2018 4:40 am  

Is Transit Faster than uCars or Walking?

I always say that Transit is the best way to get around, but I haven’t actually put it to the test. Here are three different routes that the train will save you a significant margin of time. I used the train as an example, Buses would actually be a bit faster than these times. Try it out for yourself and maybe you will obtain similar times. Feel free to post your results.


Airport <-> City Hall via M10
2:47 Train
9:47 Walk/uCar
-Over Three Times as fast as walking/driving

Admiralty <-> City Hall via BERT District
1:50 Train
2:20 Walk/uCar
-Save 30 seconds compared to walking/driving

Esplanade <-> City Hall via M8
2:46 Train
5:41 Walk/uCar
-Over Twice as fast as walking/driving

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30/01/2018 7:27 pm  

But you need to wait for the trains sometimes up to 3 minutes and have to get down to the platforms too

I think uCar is the fastest way to travel but transit is the nicest 🙂


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