"we are from Planet Minecraft and we need op to test your server"  


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07/11/2018 8:24 pm  

Here is a bit of news to keep the forums alive while everyone is on discord. Its the first time I've seen this scam in years. Keep in mind according to planet minecraft themselves "First off, this breaks rule number one. Never ask for OP directly. You never ask the server owner for OP no matter what, even if your a complete stranger. If they don't know you, there's a very low chance you'll achieve anything." Today, we welcomed BigBrainyStuff and Elithan3 who tried to impersonate planet minecraft claiming to be alts saying "i promis" and then "can i have op for 1 second". The main reason for this post is when a different server staff member searches up these usernames, they may now know of these two characters. At least it gave everyone in the server a good laugh before receiving the ban hammer.

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B44+SelectLED photo iaza15909950829600.gif

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