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yousucks coffee. it's just coffee.

fourthhaven branches

hillview station.

nearby landmarks : university of art and design (UAD)

how to get there take the (6) to hillview station, and follow the signs leading to the university of arts and design. yousucks coffee hillview station branch should just be across the road from the UAD.

new gardellia branches


nearby landmarks : marina gardellia mainline station

how to get there : take the green line to GS7, and look for a row of shophouses located on the boardwalk by the bay. yousucks coffee marina branch should just be next to a water installation. 


nearby landmarks : -

how to get there : kindly contact juliusms for any travels to haldenstein. yousucks coffee haldenstein branch should be easily distinguished from it's unique store ambience and interior.


yousuXpress. it's still just coffee.

fourthhaven branches

National Stadium North Entrance • National Stadium East Entrance • Mechanicsburg Station • University of Arts and Design • Transport MuseuM • Sports Complex • National Library • Marine View Towers • Broadbeach Station • Whitewood Station • Bella Vista Plaza



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