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WolvHaven is a big city, and as such, it needs a high grade transit service.


Our Metro system is already large enough to support most transit riders, but for some areas, getting around means walking multiple minutes. That’s why I am suggesting some new bus routes to provide new transportation options to Fouth Haven. There are four major sugguested improvements to bus service in Fourth Haven.


Branding- WolvHaven Buses haven’t shown clearly who is operating them. That’s why WolvHaven bus is being operated by Metro. Buses will have METRO branding and blue livery.

Fares- Bus fares are aren’t comparable to Metro ticket prices. That’s why bus service should cost about $0.25 per stop. 

Three New Routes- Three new bus routes will bring more connectivity to more areas. 

101 (Existing)- Stalingrad <-> Dakota

102- Bohill <-> Bella Vista via Airport

103- Palis De Royal <-> Esplanade 

104- Broadbeach <-> Soho


Brite Service- Brite will mean premium bus service between Aberdeen and York via City Hall. Brite buses along the corridor will only make seven stops. Combine that with all door boarding to reduce bus travel time by over 20%.

Brite Service Will stop at:

Aberdeen, Waterloo, City Hall*, Dakota*, Bohill, and York.


*Buses will stop at one undetermined Brite only station between City Hall and Dakota.


All Brite stations have enhanced seating, shelters, and signage, and a ticket kiosk to buy your Brite Fare before boarding.


Benefits Of The Project-

There are many benefits to improving bus service, including...

-More choices for transit riders 

-Virtually Zero Lag compared to a new Metro line

-Added realism, since urban areas typically have large bus networks




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