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Reason behind this post:  

I would like to appeal the temporary ban set in place described below.

Who Banned you? 


What time were you banned?

4:44PM EST on Wednesday, January 24, 2019

Why were you banned?

I stated an IP to a WolvHaven-related private experimental server (more details below) in public chat.

According to II/D/13 in the WolvHaven Statues, "Players who commit acts of treason against WolvHaven, such as coordinating with foreign groups to commit crimes on the server, shall be punished with no less than a 28 day ban", and according to II/D/13.2,  "Advertising foreign servers is considered an act of treason. This is to include mentioning websites or IP addresses."

What Happened: 

As user lebokbok was working on single-track portions for the upcoming pink line extension, he needed a system that would prevent collisions on the single track system. I then suggested the idea of using command blocks; however, I have no way of displaying the proof of concept within the server itself because command blocks are not permitted to be placed by most ranks. After this, I suggested what we should go on my private server which I was going to use for the intentions of showing proof of concept of the single-tracking system, and then carelessly, I stated the IP of this private server publicly in the server chat, which proved to be a fatal careless mistake on my part. I was banned shortly after.

What you would like us to do: 

I would like to request to lift my ban or shorten its timeframe.


All evidence is within the server chat starting at around 4:09 PM EST:

[LB][Architect]lebokbok: tony
[LB][Donator]~Idontsuckatmath: nah im fine
[LB][Architect]Tony515: ?
[LB][Architect]lebokbok: did you ever do a single track thing?
[LB][Architect]Tony515: ye
[LB][Architect]Tony515: the thing is
[LB][Architect]Tony515: it was traincarts and command blocks together
[LB][Architect]Tony515: it's not rlly possible with traincarts alone
[LB][Architect]lebokbok: I can't do cmd blocks
[LB][Architect]lebokbok: redstone maybe?
[LB][Architect]Tony515: redstone has limitations too
*some time passes*
[LB][Architect]Tony515: yeah command blocks are the most viable option
[LB][Architect]Tony515: redstone isn
[LB][Architect]Tony515: redstone isn't sufficient
[LB][Architect]Tony515: @lebokbok

lebokbok Today at 4:09 PM

boi BOT Today at 4:10 PM

[LB][Architect]Tony515: i've done it with command blocks before that's what I'm saying
[GD][Architect]lebokbok: can you show me
[LB][Architect]Tony515: I'll have to make it on another server then
[LB][Architect]Tony515: I do have a free server for experimentation so I'll start that up
*a bit later*
I stated the IPs; however, those were removed from the chat by staff.

Additional Comments:

I apologize to all staff about the carelessness within my actions that lead you to have to read this, and I know I should have stated the IP privately; I had no intentions to commit an act of treason in any way, shape or form.

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Your ban appeal has been accepted. You are unbanned as of this post.


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