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14/03/2019 6:25 pm  

Username: FoxTheDarkLord/PandaTheGreat866
Reason behind this post:

I was banned about a year ago and It said it was under investigation but it has really never come to anyone's attention that it hasn't really been looked over yet. If anything i'd really just like to have a better chance at being accepted back to the Wolvhaven server.
Who Banned you (If submitting a ban appeal):

What time were you banned? (If submitting ban appeal):

Sometime in 2016 (it was a while ago I can barely remember)
What Happened:

I was talking about one of the builds I had made and he had jumped to a assumption that I had copied off of one of UkGukz's buildings (Which I hadn't)

Then I got banned without any investigation first and thats how it went down.
What you would like us to do:

Unban me from the server
Evidence: (if any. Try to provide so we can trust your appeal)

I'm sorry I do not really have that much physical proof It was quite a while ago if I had any it would be on my old laptop.


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