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Delfino88’s ban appeal

I would like to take a moment to thank all the people that were an inspiration for this page, and all of the people that, over the last few months, suggested:

Baymax, Boomdoom, CCactuSSKing, Matthieu, Myst, Noodur, Number, Oscar, Panda, Pinguino, SilverWolv, Subway, Tomi. Yours_Truly and many more...




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  • - Discord: Delfino88#9061

Reason behind this post: Ban appeal

Who Banned you?: y0urs_tru1y (Admin)

What time were you banned?: 28/04/2018 [UTC+1]

What Happened: Accumulation of 5 active warnings[0]



The reason behind this post:

I was encouraged to appeal my Wolvhaven ban after a lot of suggestions from friends and Wolvhaven players, I collected some of them in an Imgur with the help of HurricanePanda08[1];

It seemed to us that it was better to appeal now rather than later because I know better about what occurred and can explain more genuinely


What time were you banned?


28 April 2018, after the Home Affairs committee

The purpose of this meeting, issued by Wolvhaven admins was to solve the drama that was happening recently on Wolvhaven, regarding the NWGA gardellia alliance, 4 players (Me included) got at least 1 official warning.


- Boomdoom was awarded 3 warnings for inciting civil unrest

- Caprese was awarded 2 warnings for inciting civil unrest and backseat moderating

- Grass_Jelly was awarded 1 warning for inciting civil unrest

- Myself was awarded 2 warnings for inciting civil unrest and defamation (Fourth and fifth warnings)

What happened:


Before I start I wish to sincerely apologise to all admins of WolvHaven, and to the NWGA (North West Gardellia Alliance), that was in the middle of a drama that lasted around 1 month due to my irresponsible actions, I apologise to Isaac again, we never got along together but I'm ready to pass over and forget everything, he's a very sensible person and I hurt him with my actions, writing a bad joke "I'm disabled, I have no brain" and stirred up Boom continuing with defamation. I want to let you know that I'm very sorry.


I apologise to Frosty, he had to stand my actions during his hospitalization period, I've already sent him an apology message.

I want to apologise to all NWGA members, that had to suffer my irresponsible actions, and to all Wolvhaven players that got into "The drama".

If I offended you in all ways and failed to apologise, please know that I'm very sorry



Approximately 5 months have passed, and I had plenty of time to reflect on what happened, It took some time to realise everything and I got forward and learned with the help of some staff members (Particularly Matthieu1221, but also Silver), who answered my occasional questions and solved my doubts.

I don’t desire to get into what happened in my real life because it would be unnecessary, but I proceeded through a very long and tortuous path to understand everything.

2nd warning

Issued by Joshy on 29/03/2018


Kevin was building the M9 platforms at Airport station, and I desired to see them for curiosity, Kevin told me to not enter and instead I attempted to enter that zone. I don't remember why I did it, but that got me a warning for repeated trespassing of private (Non-open to the public) zones.

Kevin was very nice to me, and when M9 opened he invited me to see the new platforms.

After that experience there was never a case of trespassing by me, I've learned the lesson and I agree to be more careful in the future


1st warning

Issued by Matthieu on 19/03/2018, and third warning on 01/04/2018


This warning is the result of a world-edit accident I made outside of my town borders, that ruined the Gardellia wilderness, but as soon as I noticed the edit, I've looked for help.

( The whole edit was outside my city limits, breaking another Gardellia rule)


  • Do not make any large land/sea changes that severely alters the landscape of the area you are working with. (If absolutely necessary, contact staff)


 Gardellia rules, Section C: Construction

The 3rd warning was for lying to staff, when I told Matthieu what happened, I didn't mention some important things and edits I completely forgot about, what Noodur and Matthieu found didn't match with what I said. Matthieu suggested me to apply that warning, and we started a draft that was never finished due to personal issues.

If you're interested here's the draft in a Google document:

[ Does not apply for the Appeal]

I’m sorry for what happened, and I assume all responsibilities for the edit.


After some days, in April, I started checking Gardellia rules more often and I guarantee I will check them every time I modify (Build/Destroy/Move) something. I made a paper copy of them so I can check them easily.[2]


The NWGA question:


I would like to apologise to anyone, with sincerity and change, for everything I did that may had consequences on Wolvhaven server and discord. During the whole drama I was acting like the victim, and saying things to make it sound like everyone else was wrong but I wasn't, and I thought I was more important than anyone.

I've learned the hard way from what happened, and I promise to everyone affected by my actions, I won't play the victim anymore and do my best to be a normal, rules respectful, player.

What would you like us to do?


Now, about 5 months from what happened, I'm ready to accept everything, to be more respectful than I was before, and to focus on respecting the server rules.

I still am not sure about the result of this appeal, but people gave me their trust, and I won't delude you anymore soon.


Thank you for your time.                                        ~ Delfino



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04/08/2018 4:25 pm  

Appeal approved. Welcome back. Thank you for putting in the effort for your ban appeal. Your account has been unbanned.


However, you will not be allowed to form any new gardellian alliance till further notice.


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