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[Closed] [APPEAL]  


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13/09/2018 2:47 am  

Username: Smile0utLoud

I was Banned By  Minebuilder1223

Day Of Ban 09/12/18(EST)

Reason Of Ban: I Asked The Lamborghini If He Would Like To Connect Territory's. I wasn't sure of his response. So I thought he said yes so i started to build and the next day he found out and told me to remove it but I forgot a part 

I Am Unable To Provide A Links to the The evidence (which is a picture). If You Would Like It Please DM me on Discord @SheepsCanEatBeef#7944

I Am Very Sorry For My Miss Understanding If What He Said.

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15/09/2018 3:51 pm  

Your appeal has been accepted You have been unbanned as of now.


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