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[Solved] [APPEAL] iwin1302  


New Member
Joined:7 months  ago
Posts: 2
14/03/2018 8:36 am  

Username: iwin1302
The reason behind this post: I want to get another chance to improve myself. I know I was banned for all my immature performance. However, I have been improved myself by being more mature. I really hope to get another chance and become your server member once more again.
Who Banned you (If submitting a ban appeal): I think it was SilverWolv banning me.
What time were you banned? (If submitting ban appeal): It was two years ago.
What Happened: Two years ago's summer, I was banned from this server for General Annoying Behaviour, Being a jerk, creative sign abuse and advertising. In those two years, I was thinking over and over again how would I be a better and better person. Now, I got many more life experiences and learn more about being mature. I want to get one more chance of improving myself. If accepted, I will make sure that I will not break rules again by think, check, act.
What you would like us to do: I would like you to give me another chance by unbanning me once.
Evidence: (if any. Try to provide so we can trust your appeal) None.

Estimable Member Admin
Joined:2 years  ago
Posts: 129
12/06/2018 6:45 pm  

Appeal accepted.


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