[APPEAL] World Down...

[Solved] [APPEAL] World Downloader  


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11/03/2019 2:46 am  

Username: MaxStewartS

Reason: To join the server again.

Who banned me: Console

Time of ban: Unknown

What happened: Around a year ago, I was using world downloader on another server to copy my builds over. I decided to log onto WolvHaven and didn't realize that there was a rule in place that said using world downloader was banned. So I logged on and realized that I was permed. At the time, I wasn't playing on WolvHaven much so I ignored it. Today, I wanted to go onto the server and realized I was still banned. I didn't mean to steal assets and would like to receive another chance if possible. I understand if nothing can be done. I apologize to the server developers for causing damage to the server.

What you would like us to do: Allow me another chance to use the server again.


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11/03/2019 5:08 am  

Appeals for worlddownloader related matters usually get accepted.

The server automatically checks and bans individuals using worlddownloader for security reasons.

As this was an accident and given how there was no intention to steal assets off the server, we can understand why this would have happened and there is no need to apologise.

Your ban has been lifted. Welcome back!


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