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[Closed] [BAN APPEAL]  


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31/07/2018 2:34 pm  

Username: awestman
Reason behind this post: I was banned for griefing, fraud and swearing.
Who Banned you :y0urs_Truly
What time were you banned? 2018-02-17:
What Happened: I was removing blocks in peoples metro's and cities, and i placed signs saying someone gave up their city so i could take i, and i was swearing and that in the discord chat.
What you would like us to do: Unban me and remove my gardellia building access. Sorry if i wasted your time. I promise not to do it again, im sorry.

Estimable Member Admin
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04/08/2018 4:35 pm  

Your appeal has been approved and you have been unbanned as of this post.

However, your gardellia build rights and citizenship have been revoked. You must retake the citizen test and then reapply for gardellia build rights.


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