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[Solved] [Ban Appeal] Advertising  


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02/08/2018 11:44 am  

Username: XtremeCoder
Reason behind this post: Ban Appeal
Who Banned you (If submitting a ban appeal): minebuilder1223
What time were you banned? (If submitting ban appeal): 2018-08-02 4:02 AM (GMT + 8)
What Happened: DM Advertised IsoMclaren through Discord asking to help in another server. 

Lets be honest here. I DM Advertised IsoMclaren because I saw him online on the MRT Server. I had no idea he was on WH because Ive been having loads of IRL stuff, and I didnt even know his IGN changed from MclarenMaster to IsoMclaren. Generally to be completely honest I do not really care about being banned / unbanned on MRT because I have little assets there. However, I do have some assets in WH and I enjoy playing on WolvHaven, such as driving trains, etc. 

Whatever it is, I Advertised on Communities I should not advertise.

What you would like us to do: I would like to be given a second chance and be unbanned. I promise not to advertise anymore.

Evidence: (if any. Try to provide so we can trust your appeal)

Please accept my suggestion. Thank you.

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02/08/2018 6:36 pm  

The fact that you not only used discord DM to advertise but also even went into the server chat to ask him to check his DMs just disproves that you didnt know he was on WolvHaven yourself. Your attitude towards not caring about your ban on the MRT also just speaks about how much you'd probably even care if your appeal was approved. I am not convinced you will change your behavior and I will not be accepting this appeal with you trying to "save face" by acting like you don't care about your punishment on another server for whatever reasons.

Appeal denied.

Also, work for your own players instead of trying to leech off the hard work of WolvHaven's architects, staff and more to build up what we have today over the past few years.

Thread locked as well.


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