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The Courtroom

Welcome to the WolvHaven courtroom. Please use this section of the forum to post:

  • Player Reports
  • Ban Appeals
  • Anything of such nature

WARNING: Before you post, please remember that this section is HEAVILY MODERATED.

Before you post, please take note of the following:

  1. BE RESPECTFUL. Please show some respect in your post. The courtroom is a serious area in the forum. I am sure you want us to do something to help you right?
  2. POST THE TRUTH. Lying in this area is NOT TOLERATED and making a false report as an act of sabotage can get you BANNED.
  3. PROVIDE EVIDENCE. Try to provide evidence for your post. This makes your post more reliable and more trustworthy.
  4. DO NOT BEG. We get tired of begging. Please do not plead to be unbanned or demand someone to be banned/demoted. We are not your slaves. **example of begging: PLEASE UNBAN ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE I PROMISE I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! I SWEAR!**
  5. USE ENGLISH. We can only understand english under most circumstances. Posts with language that is hard to understand will take a while longer for something to be done.


How to post:

  1. First off, Create a NEW topic!
  2. Fill in [REPORT] or [APPEAL] in the topic title, followed by the title of your ban appeal whichever applies to your post.
  3. Next, fill in the post in the format given:
    Reason behind this post:
    Who Banned you (If submitting a ban appeal):
    What time were you banned? (If submitting ban appeal):
    What Happened:
    What you would like us to do:
    Evidence: (if any. Try to provide so we can trust your appeal)


Tips on getting unbanned:

  1. Show understanding
  2. Apologise to the parties affected
  3. Keep calm
  4. Do not do anything hostile towards the server leading to your ban appeal (e.g. threatening to hack etc.)
  5. Accept and move on if your appeal is rejected and come back in a few months time to appeal again.

Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day and may your reports/appeals be accepted.

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