The Ban Appeal 2

[Closed] The Ban Appeal 2  


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17/08/2018 7:45 pm  

The Ban Appeal

A Ban Appeal

Username: SimonLux

Reason behind this post: Ban Hammer at Discord
Who Banned you (If submitting a ban appeal): SilverWolv
What time were you banned? (If submitting ban appeal): 12th January 2018
What Happened: I disrespected on discord and misbehaved.
What you would like us to do: More Attractions of this Server.
Evidence: I really like this Server.

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18/08/2018 5:49 am  

Banned from forums.

Every organisation needs a designated asshole. That is my gift to the WolvHaven collective. The asshole may not be liked, but he will always be neccessary. Because he does what’s needed.


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